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A MUST READ – Few Reasons Why You Must Be Rich (Drop Yours)

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

The country is difficult and a vast majority of people have given up on the hopes of ever becoming rich. Most people have left their destinies to fate to help them decide.

Just hang on and read this thoroughly!!!

I want you to be rich because there is no nobility in poverty and being average financially. A few years ago I was out there looking for what to do to earn a living. Suddenly I caught an idea that changed everything for good.

I am not here to pitch anything to you, this post is just to uplift those who feel there is no longer headway again in their lives.

It isn’t about your country, race, gender, tribe or anything, it is about you. Majority of my clients are all foreigners, so I know that distance is no longer a barrier when it comes to making money.

Have you given up on the hopes of ever making it in life? Here are a few reasons why you should become rich.

You will command respect.

We live in a society where money brings respect and dignity. The added bonus is when it comes to the right path. If you’ve had ever attended a meeting where you are the only average person financially seated there, you will have a grasp of what I am typing.

Money brings respect, and respect is what we love as humans. If you don’t want a little boy to splash your water on the road just because you don’t have a car, then you have to do what you need to do to become rich.

Your Level Changes

Everything about you will change the moment you lay your hands on the money. The way you talk, the food you eat, the places you go, and most importantly, the people you mingle with.

You start seeing life in another perspective. You would no longer be bitter about everything. All that would be ringing inside you would be “how do I make more money” or “how do I preserve my wealth”.

You become an Icon/Role Model

Do you wonder why rich people turn out to become motivational speakers overnight? It isn’t rocket science, money is the reason. People start seeing you as someone they can copy and believe you know the key to success.

Your name is spoken far and wide, and you get into places where you’ve never dreamt of entering before.

You have whatever you need

I was in a man’s house when his little daughter started crying over an iPhone6 – when it was launched. She desired the phone badly that she fell ill. The father immediately contacted his dealer, who supplied the phone ASAP. Then I decided right inside my heart that I would make money.

The desire drove me to hard work, and hard work drove me to my success. I can stand and lecture people about my business because I know I have something that many people don’t have.

Why should you make money?

These still aren’t enough points above to get you into action? Think about your loved ones, people who are dependent on you, people who are looking up to you.

They don’t want you to fail, the same way I don’t want you to fail.

Steps to take:

· Find a problem to solve
· Acquire a skill to solve that problem
· Create a business model that would help reach out to a large number of people.
· Make profit and Make Money.

Remember: It doesn’t come easy as stated above. It takes learning the business. If you are interested in learning my own business, I have written a guide that would help you. Then you can work hard towards achieving your goal.

Hard work is bae. When you make money the right way, there is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

You can add yours to the comment section.

Why Do Want To Be Rich?

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