We believe that God has given to us a unique ministry of
bringing salvation to the youth through music that is
wholesome, contemporary and salutary. Our hearts reach
out to young people everywhere, who in their quest for
the truth and meaning to life, have made shipwreck of
their lives through drug and sex abuse, crime and other
social vices.
We believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and
the Life. He is the only one who can save a person from
the devastating results of sin both in this world and in
the world to come. Having known His love and
experienced His transforming power, we recommend Him
to all as THE ANSWER. To all who receive Him, He gives
them power to become children of God. But to the
unbelieving and unrepentant, there is damnation and
eternal death.

For booking service contact us on; +2348102940195, like our Facebook page Omoba Lafin Jesu Intl Music Minister.



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