On our 3rd Episode, We hooked up with 0292’s DJ Khoded and of course, it was fun.

Checkout his full interview below:


Welcome… firstly.. Introduce yourself to the World.

Okay. I’m Adeola Adeyinka Adebayo (popularly known as hot dj khoded ). I am from ijesha isu ekiti in Ekiti State.

Okay… Nice. I know well that you’re a professional DJ. what other things do you do??

Well I’m also a music producer, song writer, and a trainee screen printer

That’s Nice… Jack of all trades, I think. how do you manage all of these profession at a time??

Well it’s God’s work I think and my time plus I focus

Okay. When have you been practicing Disk Jokey?

I belive if you have passion for something, you should follow your mind, I love Dj I started since 2011 because I just love anything Music.

WOW!! that’s about 7 years now… What has been your major challenges through these years?

so far As far as I am, I don’t have any challenges in my work.

Great!! Can you share with us the biggest stage you’ve performed??

Have performed at a lot of countless stage like vibehouse mask party, money must be made record show, vibehouse gucci nite, ,and, a lot I can’t mention finish but the biggest one was ondo state music award nite I mean osmatv… That was the biggest stage I performed

Mhmmmm.. Osma!! What’s your relationship with the brand?? cos you’ve performed in couple of events organised by Osma.

Yes… I’m OSMA official dj for Ondo North

That sound interesting. What can you say about the Brand??

Osma is a brand that brings all ondo based artistes together and promote them in many ways

Okay.. Nice. About Ondo State Artistes, Do you think they are ready to become the next superstars??

Yes, very sure of them… People like Shayoprobeatz, RICH’PRINCE unlimited blessing crooner, bennylee, Usher dee, dco, aliza, Princess dewunmi, alaga pidru, El teezy… They are all great artistes that are ready to become next super star

Yeah… That’s true bro. name your top 3 songs at the moment?? (3 in Ondo and 3 in Nigeria as a whole)

In ondo state My top 3 song are na die by El teezy, unlimited blessing by rich prince and Amen by Shayopro In Nigeria my top 3 songs are Gbayi by Cdq and kiss Daniel, problem by reminisce and sakamanje by Seriki and reminisce

Alright… Nice songs there. what is the relationship between DJ Khoded and 0292 & Lemmy?

Well 0292 is a record label founded by me and Lemmy, OK let me say I’m the official dj for the record label while lemme is a co founder and a promotion officer

Mhmmmm… Okay. that’s good to know. Who’s your mentor in the DJ business?

I only have one mentor, and that is DJ JIMMY JATT

Thats a big one. Someone asked about your Education, can you brief us about your education??

I Did my primary education at Solid Foundation nur and pry school Akure, and my secondary at Teechris International College Akure background were I attended my ssce,just finish studying public administration in Rufus Giwa polytchenic Owo, national diploma

Great!!   I know you must have some fellow DJ’s you wanna make shout-out to… Go ahead. and list the top 3 DJs in Ondo State

Yea… My big and thick shoutout to dj paparazzi, another shoutout to dj wizzy and dj Fadoo… Both of them don’t let me down…I pray God should bless them

Amen!! Finally. What’s your advice to artists and DJ’s who are depressed and nervous?

Just want everybody to be focus on what you do best, because people will distract you, but never give up, focus on what you do best, always deliver 100 % in everything you are doing.

Okay… A quick one. A fan just asked when your next Mixtape will drop??

Soon… Anticipate and expect 30 shades of music… Powered by OSMATV… Coming soon… You can still check on 9jainsider.com for my Trending mixtape… Shaku Shaku level 22 LEGIT LAMBA go copy yours there

Nice. Finally, Make a shout-out to your fans and 9jainsider.

To all my fans out there,I love you all. To my number one fan (Dottie) I love you Thank you for the support and love. You are the reason behind the success of hot dj khoded I really appreciate you. 9jainsider, thank you for having me here I appreciate you

Thank You DJ Khoded!! We appreciate. Surely the fans will anticipate the next mixtape. Goodnight!!

You are welcome good night


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