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ARTICLE: “MY RED-LETTER DAY” By Balogun Quadri Ayodeji

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

Three years ago today,on October 11/11/2015 comes along with an everlasting sorrowful. I was in my classroom,placed my head on my desk:suddenly!I heard my name,it was a junior student asked my classmates. I was filled with inspire of fear,because what came to my mind;was that the young boy I had an issue with at the gate that very morning has reported me to the school authority. The student at the right hand side to the classroom called for me. I raised my head,stood on my foot and “Burn my Boat” for the punishment.
Getting to the principal’s office: who I sighted was my younger brother,bowing his head. Brother,what happened I asked,instead of my brother to give me a response,what I heard was you have to follow your brother now.Said by the principal. I never knew my mother was ill,but the look on my brother’s face gives a tragedy sign. I quietly walked down to my classroom,like a child who lost his step-mother’s money. I picked up my bag and dashed out.

On getting home,the 1st person I sighted was this woman,who has never for once loved my mother. My Aunty ran to me,she took me in,and sat me down. At 1st she starts with parables. Can you just field me the point-blank and stop beating around the bush. She calm me down,and explained the tragedy that has befallen on me. I never allowed to set my eyes on her till she was buried.

I lost myself,when I lost my mommy,I managed to look like a normal person after one year,but I was not ok. I was in a grief. Nothing seemed important. Daily tasks were exhausting. Between the year,when I slept,I had violent dreams about her. I Wept in my dreams, now I could not concentrate on my studies, I barely attend classes at times. Instead my brain ran through my mother’s last days over and over.

Well I still believe she lives and I’ll surely share the old days love with her.




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