Speaking with SUNSHINE HERALD, Mr. George accused the minister of being tribalistic.

The member representing Akure North constituency in the Ondo State House of Assembly said the minister doesn’t have right to suspend him.

“The minister does not have right to suspend an elected member. There are procedures you must follow when you are trying to introduce suspension.

“First thing is, this is a case that happened eight years ago, eight solid years. The same minister under the ministry conducted my screening, if they have found something guilty about me eight years ago, I think I should not have survived the screening of contesting for the vice president of the federation.

“The same minister, we traveled to watch the world championship in London, and all these allegations they are bringing in the ministry, they did not do anything about it.

“When you are talking about doping, AFN has a governing council, which is IAAF, the same thing like NFF and FIFA, so if there are anything you must do, the first thing the minister should have done is to write the federation to set up anti-doping committee to investigate what transpired. It is the report of the anti-doping committee in line with IAAF that the minister will receive a copy of it, not the minister should be the one deciding the somebody must be suspended or somebody must be investigated.

“Only because we raised alarm about $150,000 that caused disunity in our federation, and up till now, the minister has not responded to us. They can’t shut us down.

“IAAF is aware of this matter; the case has been registered with CAS already. For me, a committee has been put in place on this matter that has exonerated me that I know nothing about it under his own ministry. Why didn’t the minister jettison the report of the doping committee put in place initially?

“The minister should not be tribalistic. It is clear to everybody that the minister is tribalistic. We are telling the minister to go and return the $150,000 taken by him in our federation. All this he is doing will not save the situation,” he said

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