Young Talented artist, REMI was our guest on 9jainsider interviews Episode 05!! and it was fun as usual.

We bring to you the full interview today and below are excerpt from the tweet chat, relax and enjoy!!

Firstly, introduce yourself to the World. Your name,home town?

I’m Bankole Aderemi, popular known as REMI. I’m a recording and performing artist in Nigeria, Upcoming for now.

Okay. Nice. what state/part of Nigeria do you rep?? How about your Education??

I’m from The state of Osun, but grew up in ibadan, came to Lagos to chase my dream. Had my primary and secondary education in both Oyo and Osun state. And currently in Obafemi Awolowo University for Tertiary education.

When did you start doing Music ?

Really?? Ermm…. I can’t remember, but it’s been a while. Tho practically I started music June/July 2017….

What kind of Music do you do?

Pop… Afropop. You know it comprises of couple other genres.

Yeah.. How has this year been?? Like how many songs do you have out??

This year has been encouraging, but could and Will definitely be better, God’s grace. I have two singles and one collaboration yet.

wow!! going by my findings, you’ve gone far with your career within a short time. what’s the secret??

Can’t lie…. It’s definitely God’s grace. Plus hard work always pay.

Are you a signed artistes??

I’m not signed under any label for now. But I’m under two effective managements Nigeria and South Africa.

Mhmmmm.. Cool. but how did you manage to get the foreign deal?

Power of social media. We met on IG… Then it all went sappy

Mhmmmm.. Soft and Heavy!! ?? What record label do you wish to be signed to?

Chaiii ??.. I’m a glutton oh… DMW yeah …… DMW.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Admire in what sense?

Artistes you love, their music and style and want to be like.

Brymo, Wizkid, 2Baba, Burnaboy and davido. I just love great and different people. Their music gives me Joy. I’m not trying to be like anyone cuz it’s a waste of who I am. But I got my thang rolled by them.

last 3 lines sound great!! Nice one. There are so many dope music out lately, What’s your top 3 songs?

Commando – wizkid

Dmw – Mind

Brymo – Heya

Nice. Should the World be expecting a single from you anytime soon?

Yeah…. Sure….

What’s the biggest stage you’ve performed so far?

THE BRIDGE… It was a small gathering but lots of celebrities where present. But talking about crowd?? Definitely OAU AMPHITHEATER.

The Bridge! wow! What are the challenges you’re facing??

Hmmmm, just being an Upcoming is a challenge on it’s own. But basically it’s been sponsorship. You know now..

Yeah, I know. Finance especially. …where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

I see myself every where… Popstar ✌✌… Known, blown, made and still growing.

What advice would you give to your fellow artistes who are nervous?

They should never let the little things in life distract them from the bigger picture. Believe and depend on only God for success.

Make a shout-out to your fans and

Yo Yo ??… I just want to take this time to appreciate everyone that’s being keeping it tight for me since day 0.99… I’m really grateful. And thanks a bunch for having me

A Very Big Thank you to you too. we also appreciate House Of Bihig  for showing love always. We hope to you at the top real soon, REMI . Thanks to everyone who came to show love. Good Night!!

You can read re-cap straight from twitter HERE

NOTE: The Tweet Chat was hosted by Sanusi Oluwasegun 

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