– Ayo Olopon, happens to be one of the oldest traditional games in Nigeria
cutting across different tribes in Nigeria, the yorubas called ayo olopon
while the edos call is ise, the twi people call it oware while igbo people
call it. Nchorokoto/Nch?/Ókwè

Ayo olopon is played in a carved wooden box, containing twelve holes (six
holes on each side), and forty-eight Ayo seeds (four seeds in each hole).
Two individuals take turn to play this game, which runs anti clockwise.

The first player begins by moving seeds from his right hand side to the
opponent’s side. If the seed-movement terminates in a hole with three or
less Ayo seeds, this player picks up the seeds, and seeds from preceding

Author: Atrish

Photo Credit: Atrish Photography



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