Scripts (Adedara Oluwaseun Abayomi) The Ondo State Rave ,Whose Unique And Inventive Style Has Made Him An Household Name In The Industry, He’s Runner Up In Olamide Who You Epp Competition,, finalist At The Hennessy Vs Class Season 3

He’s a Rapper, Songwriter And Has Also Achieved Critical Prevalence As a Singer Too. Loved for His sleek delivery, Punch lines, flows, Wordplays And Good Lyrics.

Scripts standout single “Wan Gba” was released in 2017 and has been a major hit in Nigeria’s Music Industry. Scripts gained lots of credits for his outstanding rap flows on the track.

Full excerpt from the tweet chat are as follows. We hope you enjoy it.
I welcome you’ll to 9jainsider tweet chat Ep. 06. My name’s Segun and our guest @iAm_Scripts will join us in a moment. You can start throwing in your questions for him and he will surely provide answers.

Scripts is Here!! Can you introduce yourself to the World? Background, Locality and Education??

Yeah, My Name Is Adedara Oluwaseun Abayomi,, Popularly Known As SCRIPTS…Native of Ekiti State, Based In Ondo State, Student Of Aaua..

Cool…, How long have you been doing music??

Well, Recorded my First Track 2015,, Buh Wasn’t a serious Thing,, Just a Studio Play,, So I will say I started Music officially 2016

wow!! just 2-3 years and you’ve gone this far. what’s the secret??

God’s Grace, Then I Was The Runner Up OlamideWhoyoueppcompetition 2016, It Really Boosted My Career,Besides, it’s not How Far, Buh How Well.

Mhmmmm.. Cool. So, how do you feel after realizing you were runners up in Olamide

I Dint Really Feel Bad, At Least Olamide Gave Me 100K…And We Did A Cypher With Olamide,The Top Five Finalists..That Was A Huge Move For Us

Nice.. which artistes are the first influences on your music and style?

MODE9,Cus I Started As An English Rapper,, Really Loved Modo..Then switched to Indeginous Cus I Love The way @Oladipsoflife Does That Shii

Mhmmmm.. Omo iya aje level… In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

I dunno whether to say Olamide or phyno, They do Rap and They are pretty well successful In The Industry, They sure Know How To Get Wavy

okay.. as a rap artist, Which ingredient do you think is most essential in making your sound and style dope??

I think Good Production, Good beat,, understanding producer,, Good Hook,, And Your Rap Track Is a Boom! ?

Okay.. That’s surely an eye opener for your colleagues. Now let’s move down to Ondo State. what is the Industry like in the south western state.

Hmmmmmm Not Really encouraging, Reason Most Ondo state Artists run To Lagos, ondo State talents Are Not Really Appreciated And Encouraged,

Mhmmmm… Okay. But I’m very sure of a certain Osma Awards… an award which is primarily aimed at encouraging homegrown talents.. Your take??

Yes, I Think that’s The Only Encouraging Platform In Ondo State, Givin Awards To Talents Will Sure Make Em Feel Appreciated,Big Ups To Osma!

Okay… Nice. Taking Ondo State artistes into focus… which of ’em do you see gaining prominence in the industry soon

Mayne. Anybody Can Hit Limelight Anytime o, Too Many Talents In Ondo State, So I can’t Really say. Evrybody Is Trying…

Cool.. can you name your top 3 songs from Ondo State artistes at the moment?

Well, I Guess i v not Really Been Listening, Buh Maybe



3. BMG by BENNYLEE and So Many Others Like that

Okay.. What about the Nigerian music industry in general?

Davido, wizkid, olamide, Oladips, Reminisce And etc, Trust Me Anything They Drop issa Hit

Nice.. Your stand out single “Wan Gba”!! What inspired that dope rap song?

Lolss, The Beat Was a Birthday Gift, Then I Decided to Show my People “I CAN RAP”, With The Other Mentality of Making a Hit, That’s all

wow… Soft and simple. What should your fans be expecting?? Any major collaboration?

I v got a Hit Dropping soonest, LAH TEH YIN, They shouldn’t Sleep On It…,And major collaboration? Working On It!

Okay. What’s the biggest stage you’ve performed so far?

Lagos Here,,, DJ Kaywise JOOR Concert 3,, Damn, You Don’t Wanna See The Crowd

Mhmmmm.. Nice ? According to my findings… you’ve been very successful in Rap/Freestyle contest …. Do you even remember how many you’ve been successful in?

Been in couple of ones this Year, Won Everything,The Omo Oloja , Won 50k. the isekolowo , Won 100k, the close up, Won BeatbyDre Headset etc

What in your opinion is the biggest barrier an artist like yourself face??

Funds, That’s Always Been My Problem, Cus Me being an Artist, I Do Massive promo For Every Of My Project, And Lack of enough Funds Dulls me

Mhmmmm.. All will get better…. If asked to pick a preferred Record Label to be signed to.. which will you pick??

Hmmmmmm, I’d Go for DMW,

Now taking questions asked by fans:
Okay.. DCO asked “Do you have any serious relationship?

Hmmmmmm, Well, My Supposed Relationship Was A Serious One, Buh At The Moment, It’s Kinda Complicated , Dunno If Things Gonna Get Better, And if It Doesn’t, Am Cool with Either Ways…

DCO also asked “Where do you see yourself in 2 years”

Bigger Than Imagination,, Chilling With Them davido And Wizkid... On Some International Level

Big One! .. What advice do you have for fellow upcoming artiste who are nervous??

In stead of being nervous, They Should sit down and Ask Em selves Where They Missing it!

How far do u push your songs?

How Much Are u willing To Sacrifice To Let Your Project Be Heard?

How far Have u Moved Out of Your Comfort Zone To Expand Your Fan Base?

Lastly, make a shout out to your fans how there and also to

Well, God bless Everybody thats been supporting the brand, Showing Love to Every of my activities,, I Really Appreciate, And I Promise Am Gonna Make y’all Proud Soonest

Good. 9jainsider tweet chat Ep. 06 has come to an end.. Big Thanks to you for your time and appreciation also goes to everyone who has been follow us from onset. Thanks.

In Case You Missed Scripts 2017 hit “Wan Gba”, Download HERE

You can read re-cap straight from twitter HERE on Twitter

@iAm_Scripts I welcome you’ll to 9jainsider tweet chat Ep. 06. My name’s Rahman and our guest @iAm_Scripts will join us in a moment. You can start throwing in your questions for him and he will surely provide answers. #MeetScriptsOn9jainsider

NOTE: The Tweet Chat was hosted by Sanusi Rahman.
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