Next up in the interview series is erekosima okorinama. he serves as the President of  Bowen University South South Association(BUSSA).

Get Involved wants to get you inspired!  Check out these interview with one student leader at  BOWEN UNIVERSITY to hear about their involvement and what it meant to them!

Interview conducted and written by Fejiro,May , 2018

Mostly everyone at Bowen university South South Association(Bowen University) has either heard erekosima okorinama of  or knows him personally, he is very well known throughout the campus.  From the first day he started at BUSSA he had already built up a small network of friends.  This helped him out a lot when he first started getting involved within the campus because he was confident at approaching others and had good people skills.  Those qualities that he possesses gave him the courage to get himself known around campus which he states assisted him in becoming involved.  

Name :

erekosima okorinama

Birthday :

22nd feb



Hobbies :

Chilling with friends

Favorite Sports:

Volley ball



State of Origin :

River State

Tribe :




Best cultural food :

Onunu with fish stew

Most used social media:




What’s has been your achievement as the president of South South :

Well as the south south motor says promoting peace and unity among Niger Deltas my achievement for the south south association so far includes the establishment of a close relationship among the people of Niger Delta in Bowen University well supported emotionally, financially, and spiritually so as not to feel out of place in the  new environment as far as you can see what I call a brotherhood where there is care for one another where people for Niger Delta care for one another I.e We eat together, have fun with each other and also share experiences with one an other snowing will may be diverse in tribe but we are one at heart and we stand strong together

What has been your worst challenge :

The problem of attendance so therefore publicist people are not are aware and it is a major challenge

What was your dreams for south south:

I want to see South South move on even when am gone from school and I hope South South can be able to build structures for Bowen University

What’s your worst fear :

Seeing the association slowly die off were members no longer know where  they are from or who to associated with the association

What are u leaving behind for the rest south south student:

Am leaving behind the legacy of South South to keep the fire burning even after I have gone and make sure there is continuity

Favorite quotes :

BBB Behave and Become

Did u regret one day been south south president:

No I had no regret although they have been tough  challenge  but have no regret

How do u find Bowen university do u think it is too strict:

I wouldn’t say it is too strict each school has their land mark and their trade mark where u get your degree and leave although I would have prefer a Federal university where I could be very free but come on Bowen has it advantage where your 4 years is your 4 years and then u are off

Did you find difficulties interacting with students :

Not at all

How was your social life here on campus :

On a scale of 1 _ 100 I would rate it on 65 because I really do interact with students

We heard they are so many varieties students engaged in during second semester what was your best:


Are u in a relationship :

Not currently


I dislike people who lie and aren’t trust worthy

Like :

Still like chilling, food, games WTC

How did u feel about the three times in a week  chapel:

It has even reduce it was 4 but now it is 3 and we are used to it.


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