Successful students experience high level of stress in studies and success depends on the level of work ethics l.e hard work and diligence which a student put into practice in school.

Students in Nigeria are placed in school environment filled with stress and pressure although it is believed that student need this to boost their work ethics in other to be successful.

Stress on young students pose a serious risk physically, socially, mentally and health wise because it often create deviancies among students as it disturb student from concentrating and paying attention in lecture rooms. Socially, student begin to be less interested in social and extra curricular activities due to a much depressed feelings. Of course, mental disturbance also show up when stressed up. Mental disturbance is highly recorded in India educational system basically due to the stress that the students are exposed to.

Educational stress can lead to numerous health ailment, the longer the stress lasts, the worse is for both the mind and body. Fatigue, chronic headache, and irritations for no good reasons among others are defects of educational stress.
Even though management in institutions aren’t implementing plans to counter the effect of stress, students can also help themselves by taking the following into consideration as ways to Avoid/Minimize stress:

  1. Talking To Someone: Isolation can have an extremely negative effect on your happiness toward your studies. Accepting that you may need some help is often the first step to feeling better from stress.
  2. Getting Enough Sleep: Your body recovers from the stress of the day while you’re sleeping. try to get enough night rest, approximately 7 hours as a student. E.g get to bed around 9pm and wake up at about 4am, spend the next 1-2 hours reading and you’re good to go for the day. Although, you might have to change your timing during exams.
  3. Adopt Healthy Habits: Eat a healthy diet, limit how much alcohol you drink, don’t smoke. Staying healthy is your best defense against stress.
  4. Exercise: Mere moderate exercise, such as taking daily walk can reduce educational stress.
  5. Listening To Cool Music: Cool and low-tempored songs are also good for student to avoid and reduce stress. It makes the brain and body cooler.

All the following are positive work ethics and they play a great role to minimize the effect of stress because it speaks about hard work and diligence and the readiness of any student to adjust to situations as they come.

The work ethics of a student is a powerful tool which a student can use to play down the effect of stress on the ability of such student to become successful. A student with positive work ethics(stated above) is sure to overcome the power of stress and transform them to a stronghold of claiming and having success at the back pocket.

Author: Sanusi Rahman

Contact: 08142753884

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May 14, 2018 6:10 pm

Nice write up Rahman