Transform Ebonyi Citizens Initiative (TEBCI) has made it clear that the battle for Political offices in Ebonyi this time should be only for people who have proven to be truly Ebonyian.

People who are from among us and not from the upper circle or born and raised abroad who only hear about Nigeria on pages of newspapers and on TVs. Ebonyi as one of the poorest states in southern Nigeria need leaders who understands our plight and shares our pain, we don’t just need leaders but God fearing leaders who have tested glimpse of our pain. We need leaders who are from among us to transform, reform, rebuild and change the face of our dear state. We need leaders that understands that our people/youths are the ones scattered across the country hawking and doing most irrelevant jobs being pursued, mocked and arrested as criminals on jobs and things not capable of putting food on their table or taking their livelihoods.

Considering all these, the group in a statement signed by its president Nwokwu Daniel c and made available to newsmen on Sunday evening advised the Ebonyi populace to get their PVC ready to vote in Candidates that understands their plights as have the following abilities…
Criteria for voting candidates should be:
1… Those of us who have drink water from ponds,well and other untreated water……

2…Those who know what it means that a school age kid is out on the streets chasing vehicles with gala and pure water to enable him pay his school fees……

3… Those who know what it means to come back from your daily toils and there’s no power in a mosquitoes infested neighborhood……..

4…. Those of us who understands that 70% of Ebonyians are still leaving in mud house……

5…. Those who know what it means to be scared of getting robbed on your street because there is no security and the street lights are dead……..

6…It is those who know the headache and pollution caused by one million generators noise in a single apartment where you have newborns, sick children and unhealthy aged people……….

7…. Those who understands that the salary of 90% Ebonyi workers is not capable of taking care of their families……..

8…. Those of us who have known what it means to come back from school and went to farm with empty stomach………

9…It is for those who have the *#SpiritOfProgressEbonyi* and who can understand the cries of the masses when he/she goes wrong. It is for those who doesn’t need to be told the reality on the ground…….

Transform Ebonyi Citizens Initiative (TEBCI) is an NGO advocating for youth participation in politics, good governance,training of Ebonyi youths for leadership roles and promoting peace and unity among the youths of Ebonyi. We are independent body working to ensure good governance in the state.

We further advise the good people of Ebonyi to vote vision and focus, credibility and accountability come 2019. Don’t vote money, Vote your conscience and Never sell your vote for stipends,handout and peanut.

Comr. Nwokwu Daniel c

Chief (Dr) Haroun .O. Ajah

Mr. Iyke Nwachukwu

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