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THIS GOES TO THE LORD ALMIGHTY. AND I DEDICATE THIS TO DE’VOICE. This goes to everyone out there with a dream and a goal, we all can make NIGERIA great again. To my brothers, prince kayode and barrister iyanu I say a big thank you for encouraging me. Lastly to my semi gods my father and mother I say thank you. God bless you all.








Journey to the top

The journey tagged difficult seems to be difficult coz I took it too hard. Here comes the morning when I rise and all I think of is how to earn enough to eat for the day and forget to think of tomorrow, I sleep in the night without thinking of the morning’s meal.

The journey to the top is said to start with just a step I strongly disagree because a journey without a plan is just a stroll, the journey to the top In my country is so easy as long as I know someone who earns a million in some hours. I fight and struggle to the top while I finance the top with my sweat.

How do we the youths make it to the top when we all work and think of achieving the same goal which is been the richest. Why don’t we all take the mentality of been rich enough to get what you want and help others reach the same.  It doesn’t matter who gets there first, what really matters is helping others get to the top.

I look left and right and notice I can’t get to the top without shedding blood and tears, must it always be? The journey to the top isn’t easy because even with my plans the dough is needed to perfect and implement it, my question is how do I get the dough?

The journey to the top is filled with bumps, you take the bumps positively and see it as a help to take a little peep of the top. The journey to the top is tagged difficult because I choose to see it difficult…







Here is a place where you get to and see a land rich in wealth but see its people strive for their daily bread. Here is a place where you know the poor fill our population and the rich takes the credit. Here is a place where we have everything in words and have nothing in reality. Here is a place where the poor gets the fertility of children and the rich get fertility of resources.

Here is a place filled with chaos and crises but my presido acts like it’s nothing, here is a place where the screams and cries of people is been heard as a joyful noise, here is a place where the politicians share the loot and claim to share it to help us. Here is a place where the politicians kill us and make our spirits vote.

Here is a place where the guilty judges the innocent. Here is a place where stealing starts from the president down to the less privileged and the less privileged takes the blame for presidos theft. Here is a place where the bloods of past heroes demand for revenge but no one seems to be listening. Here is a place where the truth seems to be evil and the lie seems to be well appreciated. Here is a country where we fight for irrelevant things and leave the fight for our right for our ancestors and God to fight. Here is a place where presidos son gets to ride a power bike and I get to pay for his accident. Here is a place where the world sees as it dump yard. THIS IS NIGERIA





My funny prince

Oh, this seems to be a prince pretty far away from home, a prince whose people know little of how great he’ll become. This prince seems to be lost in this world and knows so little about what the future holds, a prince who sees the world as a playground. My prince who couldn’t find his path till he met the twin oracle who helped heed his call.

My prince began to learn to be a prince but a humble one. A prince you can’t see he is till he tells you, My prince who loves to go the long way rather than use the royalty road. My prince who taught the world to take life as a joke and see how funny life gets. My funny prince who says a word and you laugh a million times, my prince hmm a man like a parrot, a man so strong that can hold a heartbreak to himself, a man so cheerful and helpful that can give his known enemy his own meal while he starves.

My funny prince who I know is going to make a fine king someday while we rule the world together. My prince who strives to know the lord but the environment seems to be unwilling. My funny prince who so much loves his twin oracle and moves with them and the trio conquer the world. My funny prince I know will one day bring back the pride of the Yoruba’s. My prince the world and the twin oracles await you. Hasten o prince

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People define love as some sort of emotional feelings but I see love has been the same with life… Love is defined by your experience of it…When you are broken hearted you define love as a bad feeling, when you fall in love it becomes a world filled with everything you need. You fall in love with the wrong person so you can know how to handle or flow with the right person. In love with the right person will surely bring out the best in you.

Love is a two sided thing just like a coin; it has the head and the tail, the good times and the quarrel times. But no one wants to see the tail but want to enjoy the head. It goes hand in hand you can’t have one and leave the other. We all get to see the two. Love is an action not just a feeling, you can’t claim to love without showing it. The showy part is quite important than the talking aspect. Love is like an ocean that can both hurt and help at the same time. Love is best enjoyed in one’s old age when you look back and see a fulfilled life with someone of the same mind.

Love is blind so I heard but no one ever said love is dumb.  Love is patient but love isn’t stupid. My generation no longer believes in this because it seems to be impossible so we all lose real ones coz we don’t search for it.









Parents are known to be a father and a mother, man and woman but I feel it goes a long way than the sperm meeting with the eggs and becoming you.  Parents are people who would inconvenience themselves because of you.  They are People who will go lengths to see you smile. They are the last people you fall back at when the whole world seems to be against you.  Parents are everywhere but the real ones stay scarce. In my century giving birth makes you a parent but in the real sense parenting isn’t a title but a virtue. Been a parent is a sacrifice you ain’t willing to make but you have too because the sacrifice becomes a reward later in the future when the egg becomes a parent.

Parents beat and spank a child just to ensure he does not depart from the truth even the bible says. The rod builds the child but parents should know you have to love before you beat and love immediately after scolding. Been a parent is a privilege not a right.





In the night looking for a girl, here comes a tap with the voice ‘hey do you remember me’, here goes the playful kid in my primary days. I got to my room starving, went in search of food only to see the playful kid offering a meal with my childhood best friend.

The playful kid and I grew to be so close and our secrets remained between us. The playful kid had an ambition to be a lawyer and with his small stature got the the name ‘ baby lawyer’. The playful kid became my twin as we began to look alike due to the intimacy between us. We fell in love with each other and became closer than just brothers. Our friendship became a family thing as the two families knew each other and became friends as well.

The playful kid was such a Pogba on the ball and a Romeo in his relationship. The playful kid began to think on his own and knew what to do at right time. Oh, now the playful kid is far from his twin brother because the twin brother is in a relationship, the playful kid had to bring the brotherhood back and together they conquered the world.

The lawyer and the president tales all started from the tap of the first night. Friendship goes a long way from childhood till adulthood; there hasn’t been any that could fill the playful boy’s space in the twin brother’s heart.








The 3days ship



I met you and fell in love immediately I saw you, but was been too timid and scared to show my feelings. I finally summoned up my courage and let the cat out of the sack. I got a no then I relegated myself to making you see my world of love.

Making my love known I stopped all devourer from going near my love but you never knew the battle I fought because of you. The world felt you were gonna lose if you didn’t have me then you said yes. Now I get to cry for the opinion of the world and lose the chances of me been with you

Knowing you was the best encounter of my life, falling in love with you was the best feeling ever, asking you out was the best decision I ever made, You saying yes was the best word said to me, dating you for three days were the best days of my life and you leaving was the best teacher ever…





Off I went to a party right across my room, then the game starts wow goes my mouth at the sight of an angel. Couldn’t hold it any longer at the end of the party my courage was at its peak off I went to the angel and wow I made the angel smile and got a hug as a reward.

The angel and I became pretty close just like the cloud and the rain. The 24hours ticking of the clock was dedicated to this angel. The angel showed me love but I showed the angel like.

Ish I got out of the 3days ship the angel was there to wipe my tears away. The angel was always there . oh then I fell in love with the angel and we are together in this journey to the top.

The angel was without no mother and practically no father all I could do was fill in the gap. Oh on such a long distance between us the angel and I couldn’t see then insecurity finds its way. Ouch the ship starts sinking, I must find a way to ignite the dead fire of love. Then all I could do was fall deeper in love and now the ship sails.

I love you…

The end.






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