Praise! Breaks yokes
Praise works wonders
Praise delivers
Praise saves!
Join The Train of Worship and Praise @ ZOE 2.0 THEME;- KGPP With Omoba Lafin Jesu

Worship is a taste of divinity
A share if divine ecstasy

Praise triggers
Makes God arise in majestic glory
Worship unravels mysteries
Worship is a continuation of the duties of the angels
Praise is that key to the beautiful heart of God

Praise God because he deserves it and not because we want to receive.
It spurs him into action

Praise draws the attention of God

It makes him leap for joy on his beautiful throne

Intense worship and praise from sincere hearts are keys to a long lasting, unending fellowship with the maker.

Worship is the only food that satisfies the supreme God

Worship brings down the glory of the Lord Almighty

Praise makes the creator bless the creature

Let worship take the place of complaint
Let praise take the place of wails and tears

Praise God in the storm

Praise ushers the feet of the angels in heaven

Praise God
When things seem so not good
Praise God even when life seems to be so unfair
Praise God from a sincere heart
You will be shocked to see it work beyond your imagination

Be appreciative to the one who made you
Tell him how much you love Him

David prayed with songs
It shows the efficacy of praise

Join the Train of ZOE 2.0 THEME;- KGPP (Key to God Presence and Power) 1Tim.2vs8 With Omoba Lafin Jesu
Venue; Agape Hall, Sijuade Rd, Akure, Ondo State.
Date and Time;- Thursday 12th July,2018. 9pm till dawn

Cultivate that habit of praise
Make it a lifestyle
And watch your life take a beautiful turn around.

Credits: Opeolu

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