Speaking over the weekend at Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin’s third annual registry lecture series, Femi Falana, faulted President Muhammadu Buhari  fight against corruption in the country.

Falana, on  the topic titled “University Autonomy in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges,” said for the fight against corruption to be geniene, Buhari must put in plave some measures and mechanisms.

He said ;

“If you are genuinely fighting corruption, you must put in place mechanisms and measure to discourage people from embracing the act.

“There is no way that you pay people starvation wages, or make it impossible for them to receive their pensions and gratuities when they retire, and expect that they will not engage in corrupt practices.”

Falana noted that although the Buhari’s regime has fought corruption more than previous regimes since, Buhari should make available  social protection services as cheap and affordable housing scheme, and education support for poor Nigerians, to demonstrate its commitment to the fight.

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