Majorca and Menorca beaches hit by ‘mini-tsunami’

A MINI-tsunami has smashed tourist beaches in Spanish holiday hot spots – flooding streets and bars popular with Brits. A massive wave measuring nearly five feet hit the port city of Ciutadella on the west coast of Menorca early this morning. Nearby beaches were also flooded by a tsunami-like wave known as a “meteotsunami.”

The freak weather phenomenon also impacted holiday resorts in Majorca, with seawater flooding bars and terraces by the coast in Andratx and covering beachside roads. Boat owners in the resort on the island’s south-west coast were filmed trying to protect their boats. The strong current broke the ropes of a historic sailing boat used by the Majorca Island Council which had to be rescued by sailors and brought back to port as it drifted out to sea.

There were no reports of any injuries and the meteotsunami occurred when the beaches were largely empty before holidaymakers started to arrive for their daily dose of sun. Meteotsunamis, also called meteorological tsunamis, are generated when rapid changes in barometric pressure cause the displacement of a body of water.

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