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Of the greatest Nigeria student, this is the voice of comrade OLAWALE ANTHONY PKA NAGOD2K17, From The School of Business and the department of Business Administration and Management. I am aspiring for the post of Director of sports of the Student Union Government ( S.U.G) and I’m here today to discuss with you reasons you have to consider and vote me as the SUG Sport Director.

You will agree with me that engaging in sports activities helps improve students’ focus on school work, as well as help them lead happier, healthier lives. Sporting activities also helps students in areas relating to Academic Performance, fitness habits, Mental and Emotional benefits and development of specific skills that can help students in the future.

Firstly, I would like to give us some point of thought for reasoning:
• For how long would we leave the sporting activities of RUGIPO underperforming?
• For how long would we concentrate on only 1 aspect of sports (football).
• For how long would our student keep registering for sport and we don’t get enough?
• Why can’t we have a functioning physical fitness center e.g gym center?

Over the years, Sporting activities in this honorable school has declined and I will address issues causing this decline in the Sporting activities with the following strategies which I derived from my Tag Name: NAGOD!

N for Non-Partial: Partiality will never walk into my administration, if elected. I’ll make sure all faculties get equal treatment on issues relating to Sport. I’ll introduce faculty representatives that will bring interests of students to the sport unit thereby discussing ways to meet needs of students as regards that, also I will promote other sport in the institution, why do we only have football as the most practicable sport, We have Tennis, Volleyball, taekwondo, Racing, Basketball,Baseball and so many field events that we can develop and if elected, I will make then as practicable as football.

A for Action: Action means something done to achieve a certain purpose. I in cordial relationship with the Sport officers and all SUG executives will make sure we monitor and direct all our engagement to achieve the main purpose of developing the sporting scene on campus.

G for Goals Achievement: To buttress and show the end result of our actions, We will achieve all goals and objectives stipulated and some that are yet unforeseen. I promise to take the Sport of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic to a higher level.

1. I’ll make sure we own a functioning physical fitness center
2. A well organized sporting calender
3. I’ll bring prominence to other sporting activities in the institution
4. A well performing delegations to all polytechnics games in and outside the state
5. I would also ensure that all the courts, pitch and sports facilities are refurbished and made to standards to the best of our ability as a team.

6. A functioning supporters club for all teams representing the institution in major tournament to boost morale of the players

O for Organizing: As A Business Admistrator and Manager, Organizing doesn’t prove to be a big task for me, I will organize sporting activities and events all through the year with much foresight and professionalism that will enable all and sundry to participate in various sport programs covering all sporting event we have in the institution

D for Development: I started my campaign clamoring for development in sport activities and it’s also happens to be the base of my promises and it is a point that no one can under estimate. Vote NaGod2k17 and experience developmental twist in Sporting activities of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic.

Even the Holy Book says ‘’can two walk together without agreeing on a direction’’? The answer is ‘’no’’. Therefore I put it to you that all these visions cannot be achieved without you.
I urge us all to vote NAGOD2k17, the right man for the job. I believe and know that if I am elected as the Director of sports, I would work and serve the great students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic.

God Bless The Sport Unit
God Bless the SUG
God Bless Rugipo
God Bless Ondo State

God Bless Nigeria

Thank You.

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