Consciously or otherwise, Rap act Usherdee made the statement “Nobody Can Win 4 Awards” as regards the upcoming OSMA 2018 “The Emergence”. With much enthusiasm, couple of artists also felt that a repeat of OSMA 2017 where record holder BennyLee scooped 4 OSMAs in one night isn’t realistic this year, while some others prefers to stay mute and remain optimistic. Meanwhile, The OSMA 2018 “The Emergence” nominees list has 2 artistes with 4 nominations each and come Sept. 30th ,we will get to know if Usherdee made a a convincing statement or not. The main reason why he made the statement is best known to him but I will discuss possible reasons why an artiste may fail to win 4 OSMAs this year.

The first point is the increased competitiveness this year, with over 200 registered song compared to about 62 in 2017 and less than 50 in 2016, we can conclude that the chances of artistes getting nominations and wins becomes very slim.

Also, Artiste and song promotions has increased on a geometric progression compared to the previous years. Artistes now utilize different strategies in making their songs and project go viral and well publicized and at the end, good enough for an OSMAs nomination. Strategies such as; promotions on multiple and top blogs, Music video shoot, Dance Competitions, Club tours and Social Media publicity has made songs as publicized as you’d want it, Thus, making the possibility of winning the OSMAs wide open.

Increment in the level of artists commitment to the OSMAs has also provided some backing to Usherdee’s statement. There have been new discoveries in the Ondo State Music Industry with enough content and promotions on their project to push for the OSMAs, and this authomatically give room for more commitment from artistes in other to survive.

Usherdee might have an insight of the above reasons why I think no artistes can win 4 OSMAs in 2018 but should there be restrictions and doubt on minds of a optimistic artistes on how many awards they can win? Usherdee has only spoken his mind and not that of over 250 Artistes in the industry and with Dopey and Fabexino scooping 4 nominations, there’s always a chance that either of them can get all 4 categories where they got nominated.

The OSMAs has been giving awards based on merit and if an artiste can make himself as unstoppable as BennyLee made himself in 2017, why won’t such artistes win all nominated categories, with the voting period now on, the crown for the OSMA glory is wide open, the most hardworking, dynamic, committed, influential, and persistent will be crowned.

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