Ondo State Music Awards, the mosrestigious indigenous music award in the whole of Nigerian with the main goal to celebrate and recognize young and upcoming music stars that ply their trade in Ondo State. If you win our honors, our credibility may make it easier for you to be well established, be discovered by A&R executives and be signed by labels.

Established in 2016, the Ondo State Music Awards is a well-known as a music award which celebrates and motivate musicians to always do more. The OSMAs is widely recognized by industry insiders in and outside Ondo State as giving legitimacy to highly talented artists.
Winning an OSMAs is of great value to the career of music artistes who are always vying to win one. With upgrades in the OSMAs productions, A suitable event calender and a very attractive, refined “3D” plaque, the awards has grown to become a most win for every artistes. So many other things have proven to be reasons why entertainers in Ondo State want to win the OSMAs;

1. Recognition: Winning an OSMAs will bring much recognition to any artiste who wins and tell me who doesn’t want that? Ondo State is one of the few state in Nigeria that love music as much as you’d expect and if an artiste can be well recognized in here, The road to his/her stardom is shortened already.

2. Motivation: Entertainers see awards as a source of motivation to boost their morale to continue doing what they do best, and The OSMAs primary aim is to celebrate the uncelebrated, to reward talent and hardwork. Entertainers, therefore deem it necessary for themselves to try and have a taste of how it feels to be celebrated and above all, to win an OSMAs.

3. Increased fan loyalty: Knowing fully well that you are excellent and recognized for your work and Music. Winning an OSMAs tends to help entertainers to encourage fans loyalty and drives more love for entertainers. Winning an OSMAs for entertainers will increase acceptability of such an entertainer by the public and this is one of the reasons entertainers will want to win the OSMAs.

4. Elevation in Status of Artiste/Entertainers brand: Entertainers are fully aware that an award can add values to their individual artistry and the brand they represent. When wizkid won the headies next rated in 2011, the Wizkid brand got a dynamic twist and his record label too, same is applicable to many of homegrown artistes in Ondo State. the OSMAs 2016 “Best New Act” winner MFB got a positive twists and turns all over and today, he’s one of the many artist we can be proud of, The OSMAs past winners such as Superwozzy, Deola, Scriptz, and BennyLee have all gotten elevation in the status of their artistry. Loads of Entertainers now want a smooth route to success so the battle for the OSMAs has become so tough and competitive.

5. Resurging A&R presence: With loads of several talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and songwriters in the state. Entertainers see the OSMAs as an avenue to gather a more convincing and edgy records too woo several investors who are ready to pick up music talents to greater heights in their career. The increased competitiveness for the OSMAs is a good sign that artistes in Ondo State are with good foresight.

OSMA 2018 is around the corner and it’s almost time to witness another intriguing award night where every committed entertainers are striving to come top in their respective categories. With over 60 artistes and producers making it to the final nominees list, it’s another hot chase for the plaque. All 5 of the above point are reasons the OSMAs is so competitive. Always have in mind that the OSMAs aim is to create an environment filled with love where everyone lives in peace and harmony; an environment where equity is exalted and an inferiority complex-free society; where youths secure jobs through the help and assistance of sponsors and partners; To contribute a quota to nation building, promoting entrepreneurship and productiveness in youths. To promote the dignity of music as a legacy. Hence, to create a very attractive music industry within the state and most importantly, to Celebrate every artistes. either with an OSMAs plaque or not, Every Artistes committed to the course is a Winner!!

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