Every day we read reports of women being raped, or sexually assaulted or beaten. It’s a continuous tale, one that comes with sorrow for lives that could be saved.

The dreams and future of an Aspiring 20year old girl Ajila Seun has been cut short after been raped and stabbed to death in Akure, Ondo state.

Details surrounding her death is still a bit sketchy but reports says she was raped and stabbed to death right inside her Mother’s house, while visiting.
The Graduate of Adeyemi College of Education until her untimely death was a versatile business woman, who deals on Weavons

Loved ones and friends are now calling on the appropriate authorities to take charge of the case, as her mom is currently traumatized.

While social media has continued to highlight the stories that were hitherto hidden, there remains an increasingly high number of lives lost due to violence against women. Women are often killed by their fathers, boyfriends or husbands. We read reports of women being stabbed after domestic squabbles. It is even worse because sometimes there is never justice for the victims.
Cultural expectations to forgive and forget adds to the absence of consequences for the perpetrators, and this too, has to stop.

For people who ask why there’s an emphasis on women’s rights being human rights, it is because of the preponderance of situations where women are killed – with no recourse for justice.

Earlier today, the hashtag,
#JusticeForAjila started trending. A few accounts on Twitter and Instagram shared the news of a young woman raped and stabbed in Akure.

#justiceforajilaseun hashtag on Twitter

See Tweets about #justiceforajilaseun on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation.

Oluyemi Fasipe ?? on Twitter

This is Ajila Seun Fionna, she is a professional model and usher, a graduate of Adeyemi college of Education Ondo, she’s also into small business, struggling to make something out of life, she was raped and stabbed to death yesterday in Akure. ☹️☹️ #JusticeForAjilaSeun

Gboyega Olutade on Twitter

This lady – Ajila Seun Fionna, was allegedly raped and stabbed to death at IJOKA yesterday. ?Sad, very sad!! #JusticeforAjilaSeun

Chisom Grace on Twitter

Justice for Ajila Seun the suspects needs to be caught and brought before the law.. https://t.co/pdxSG5gFaw

We want to remind the world that these stories need to end. We need to stop waking up to news of women being raped, and killed.

We need justice for these victims. Their blood screams from darkened earth, the pain of their loved ones pierces our heart.

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