The Feed the Orphans Project is a project envisioned by Mr. Busari Samuel alias Breezey who noticed how orphans in the society are being marginalized, from the way society looks at them to the way they are being victimized by “fellow good-doers”.

This project aims at creating a paradigm shift in how the society views the fatherless, motherless or frankly the abandoned by highlighting the fact that they people too, this project appeals to humane side of humanity that humankind can both be human and kind.

In order for this project to be realized, everyone must be involved, it is a large scale project that can be implemented in small scales across specific states in Nigeria where there is a need for this project.

We have partnered with several organizations such as; African Hydra, Doyen Foundation, Enactus FUTA and other notable social and media brands to help push this project across the country.

In addition to the project, we would be attempting the breaking and setting a world record of the longest dance marathon with a 100% approval in progress with The Guinness World Record body which would run for ten days from the 1st, December 2018 – 10th, December 2018. We are using this platform to push The Feed the Orphans Projects across and beyond the nation hence, we encourage everyone to be involved in this.

The project is simply and strategic one as each and every one is vital to the success of this project hence, we encourage those who would love to partner or donate towards this cause to kindly contact us via;
Busari Samuel O.-07051835332

Thank You.

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