Students from (OAU) Obafemi Awolowo University and UNILAG (University Of Lagos) have took twitter by storm to argue with school is the superior and which has more infrastructure, Better Academic Calendar and which has the most brilliant set of Students.

This argument looks so hilarious as students engage in using funny captions, memes and images to attack one another, Check out some reactions below:


FEYISAYO on Twitter

Remove Lagos from Unilag, They have nothing.. Remove Ife from Oau, we still stand strong???? #OAUvsUNILAG

Awede Samuel on Twitter

There are only two Relevant Universities in this country OAU And others. The rest of them should go get that relevance else where #OAUvsUNILAG

OAU Updates on Twitter

So a particular UNILAG’s mouthed babe fucked up on the twar by finding a letter S in the acronym OAU, the wary #teamOAU gave it to her hot-hot. So hot even her UNILAG mate went “Zayn you’re disgrace”. Is this to prove UNILAG students are actually dumb? Just asking. #OAUvsUNILAG

_ofFiciAL™ on Twitter

Unilag students when they see the great Spider building #OAUvsUNILAG

DEBAYOR on Twitter

UNILAG Students and Bedbugs ? #OAUvsUNILAG

Ebby on Twitter

OAU has no access to light and WiFi. I’m sure they called a town meeting to buy fuel inside their school Gen to have light to tweet tonight #OAUvsUNILAG

Omo Jaiye Jaiye ??? on Twitter

OAUvsUNILAG Someone said OAU is UNILAG’s throwback

Zainab Bello on Twitter

Someone said the letter S in OAU stands for strike ? #OAUvsUNILAG

J.P MORGIX ?? on Twitter

UNILAG GIRLS will never answer a video call around 11pm because their faces always restored to factory settings? ???? #OAUvsUnilag

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