– Damilola Olufemi

The President of the students union was yesterday harassed by Wasiu Rilwan Bamidele, a 400 level student of Computer Science department at the AAUA chapter of the Nigerian union of campus journalists press conference organized for the students union leaders.

As part of activities of the NUCJ AAUA Chapter towards ensuring adequate and satisfactorily knowledge of the activities of the Student Union by the students of the institution, it held a press conference for the 3 arms (SEC, SRC and SJC) of the Students Union yesterday, 20th October, 2018.

Wasiu Bamidele at the press conference however got emotional and angrily interfered in the press conference thereby disputing the peace of the press conference, threatening and harassing the President of the Union.

In the opening remarks of the President of NUCJ AAUA, Miss Adekola Mercy, she appreciated the members of the arms for their presence, stating that the press conference is not  a means to witch haunt any one, but to clarify controversial issues on the campus.

The President of the students union, Com. Eyinla Temitope (Boubow) while responding to question on what the achievement of the students union has been since he came on board, he,  highlighted some which includes the extension of the edu portal in first semester, and continued plea for its extension, bringing back the Students union election back to second semester, review of SIWES results, reduction of SIWES logbook, extension of power supply hours on campus,  stable academic calendar, Collaboration with Salt Events to organise a trade fair event,  amongst others.

On the recent issue of the union selling a shuttle bus meant to transport students    on campus, both the President, Boubow and Senate President, Constituted Demmy (Ademola Lawan Abdullah) did not deny the fact that it was sold at the price of #200,000; saying the main reason for the shuttle bus is to solve the mechanical problems the bus had been giving the Union on daily basis.

In his continued response to further questions, he revealed how he had been able to manage the SEC and SRC that no member of either of the two arms has faced suspension, the Senate President also responded that has been able to sustain the unity and oneness amongst the three arms. He however said should any member of the union violate or go against any of the union laws, such member has no other option than to be suspended.

The Vice President of the Union, Com. Omobolanle Ojo (Homo B) while fielding questions from the press on whether the Union has a body that students, especially females will lodge their complaints to on any harassment, she made it known her office is always available for such complaints to be heard and necessary actions would be taken.

Meanwhile, the President, Boubow, made it known that finance has been a major setback facing the union and called for increment of students’ due to the union, thus making it known that he has been able to manage and carryout activities with the little fund disbursed to the Union by the school management.

Speaking on why the students union radio has not been functioning, the President responded that no tangible equipment was handed over to the union’s Public Relations Officer, while the Senate President also also took side stating that over #150,000 was approved to the office of the former PRO to revive the Crystal FM, but no equipment is functioning  despite the money already been paid to those who ought to bring the transmitter. He however said the matter is currently at the security unit.

The press conference however ended with a group photograph by the Press members and Students Union after a face to face question and answer session.

Some of the questions asked included: Is the President a flirt? Is the Vice President having an academic programme for students of the school even as her tenure is rounding off? Is the President having any candidate he is supporting in the forthcoming AAUASU poll?. The responses however turned out to be negative and affirmative.

Meanwhile, the President has taken up the harassment case and pledged it would be taken up by the school management to avoid such harassment on him and students of the school, thereby providing a secured environment for AAUAITES .

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