Ok, let me make this as short as possible as I need urgent insight.

I met this girl 2weeks ago through a friend. We had casual chat, then I noticed my friend was always saying good things about her (I got the hint the lady must have incited him to do that so I’ll pick interest).

On meeting (by coincidence) a second time we exchanged numbers, I dnt know how she did it but she got under my skin in a flash. We went on dates twice in a week and the most shocking fact was she footed the bills. (I didn’t like that fact tho, but she gets angry when I protest).

Fast-forwarded to few days ago, she travelled back to the west where she works and started acting weird. Actually they were really subtle changes but my 6th sense has a way of magnifying such anomalies, painting vivid pictures.

She stopped calling as she does, misses my call without calling back, starts speaking Ibo when she’s on phone with me around her colleagues and many more of such acts. I acted cool and matured by not jumping into conclusions.

This evening I got a text from her which read “Smiles, lovey-dovey. and where is he going to??”.

Normal me would ignore the text and wait for her to come up with flimsy excuses before I flay her, but am scared she would have time to cook-up a coverup story if I don’t point it out that I SEE HER.

What’s your opinion guys.

sorry for the lengthy write and typos tho

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