Good day my fellow Naijainsidites.

Its my delight to share with y’all my experience so I can get some matured advice.

It started when I dated an igbo girl way back in 2009. She’s from a wealthy family. I loved this girl so much cos she is lovely, caring in fact, a wife material. So after chyking her, she agreed to be my gf. So everything went smoothly.

After two months, she told me her parents have processed her admission in an Australian university that she’ll be traveling in a month’s time that she’ll miss me so much. I became scared to losing her as soon as she travels.

So I decided to have sex with her and discovered she was a virgin. She now told me that she doesn’t even wanna leave me that the only way she’ll still be with me even at my absence is when I deflower her which I later did.

So when her parents discovered she’s been deflowered, her trip to Australia was canceled and her International passport was turn due to anger and she was punished for some months.

When she told me all these, I felt bad and contacted her parents and begged them to forgive the girl that I sincerely love their daughter and I’ll love to marry her.

After months of begging, they now agreed and forgave the girl. She was now sent to a private university in the East.

So since 2009, we’ve been dating. Anytime i speak with the girl’s parents and talk about marriage, they’ll tell me that I and my gf should finish our education before we can be able to marry.

So that’s how everything went smoothly not until 2016 (then we both are done with school), I had a chat with her mom and she asked me the stay where I’m from.

I told her I’m from Kogi state, she asked my religion, I told her that I’m a Christian. The woman flared up and said she can’t allow her daughter marry a Christian. I asked why she said nothing.

I now called my girl and asked her why she didn’t tell her parents who I am. She said she did but they didn’t take her serious. She now said her mom was from a Christian family before she got married to her dad (a Muslim).

Later I called her mom and explain why we need to marry. So I asked her some questions, the religion she was practicing before she married, she said she was formerly a Christian. So after must argument and explanation, she agreed for us to marry.

So we agreed with her parents to fix a date for the Introduction, the parents now said I should be patient while they inform their extended family members before we can proceed.

After some days I got a call from my girl’s mom telling me the marriage can’t hold cos I’m a Christian that my girl’s uncle said he can allow his niece get married to a Christian. The parents of the girl ask the uncle his reason, he said he has no reason.

After some days, the uncle told my girl’s parents the they shouldn’t allow their daughter get married to me that his friend’s son who’s single needs to settle down that he will do everything possible to make sure my girl gets married to his friend’s son.

So when my gf told me, I became worried and I called my gf Mom asked what’s going on. She said she’s trying her best to put a stop to the decision of the uncle.

Now the uncle brought my gf a new man and anytime my gf refuse to talk to the new man, her uncle beats her and forces her to like the new man by force.

I love her so much.

Please What Should I Do?

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