Hello Brethrens,

Shalom! Shalom!! How’s the Sunday service going with you at your various church? Kindly remember Nigeria as you pray today. May God accept our prayers.

Today, on our Christian Talk or let me say Bible Study here on Naijaloaded, we have a very interesting topic to debate on.

We all know how Anticipation and even celebration of Christmas do look like here in Nigeria or let me say in the World. It’s very massive and unarguably the biggest day in the world is December 25th.

Christmas marks the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and it’s widely celebrated all over the world not as a single day but as a season

On the other hand, Easter is a very pivot day in the Christian history. Easter marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which is the bedrock of Christianity faith.

Easter is fast approaching and there’s even sign or mood that shows that the day Jesus die and resurrect is coming, and most Christians know how Important the resurrection of Jesus is to the religion.

Without that resurrection most of the disciple then would have scattered, and Christianity will end then.

Both Easter and Christmas are very important days in a Christian calender. But just how do Christians treat them?

So Christian In The House ?

Which Do You Think Should More Celebrated, Christmas OR Easter? And Why?

Let’s learn something from you today, you can as well ask your pastor and share with us.

We waiting for you in the comment section.


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