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Ondo State Entertainment Industry Is Broke – Tflix (See Reactions)

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

Rap Act and Producer, TFlix has stated that the Ondo State Entertainment Industry is broke, he made this remark on the OSMATV online platform after it was alleged that Ondo State Music artistes who patronize Lagos State Based blogs are only improving the Lagos State economy and not that of Ondo State. He said “what I think we need in this our industry is investors.. We need some set of people to invest in our craft, Our industry is broke, until we have some certain amount of money rotating within the industry…our artist need celebrity status, how do we go about it, na still money”, in a state that has a good number of big brand but very few are supportive to this upcoming stars.

Even the Ondo State Government has done little to promote the entertainment industry and I think they dont have any plans put in place for the entertainment industry unlike Lagos, Ogun etc where entertainment are cherished.

In reaction to this, Artiste and Blogger, Adedam said in quote “We artist are at fault too, the 50k u ll give Lagos blogger why not bring half of it to our state let’s blog and do the same job of 50k. We bring your songs to people, we do daily bc, create awareness,ain’t talking of lazy website tho, if artist pay up I won’t link up to much bloggers just to amaze u with millions of links where at the end links pass download, I go prefer to hunt down promoters, I know of people who have 3k status views, I know views I myself have and daily bc and thousands of group, but we prefer site with the name where even visitors go visit d site and ignore the upcoming songs… BUT YOU HAVE BLOGGERS IN ONDO STATE THAT IF YOU PAY WELL THEY CAN GUARANTEE YOU DOWNLOADS”

Furthermore, Music Act, Flex A task home based bloggers to be truthful and faithful in their dealings. He said “If your blog is given 100k for blogging and pushing, Be honest you will not do the work Like it should be, That’s the problem the home base blogs are having. You will only collect the cash blog and plan on how to get part of it into your pouch, forgetting that you need to push your brand and upgrade your blog. Jerusalem wasn’t built in a day…. But collective and credibility effort that dominated the arena warrant them to succeed.”

BennyLee, who recently shut down Akure with Benny Lee Concert also reacted but differently, he came hard on artistes who spend big on materials but neglect their music career, He said “Our artiste buy 50k outfit But beg blogger to blog 1k, they beg producer 10k. They can’t pay 4K for local radio station, they can carry Olosho 10k at Shoprite” He went further by saying he prefers to spend big to gain publicity than the money “Different between Bennylee and other artiste. I can spend $2m for a show plan or awareness and gain $0.000 in return” So fasinitating.

In the past couple of years, Improvements has been recorded in the Ondo State Entertainment Industry, Events like the Ondo State Music Awards, BennyLee Live Concert, Laffta Unplugged with SweetSteve, Smart360 Fashion Ankara amongst others have contributed to the immense development in the Ondo State Entertainment Industry with big appreciation to the few brands who are sponsoring these events.

Tflix words prove to be true afterall, and top brands and individuals in the state need to do more and help in improving Ondo State Entertainment Industry so as to grow the economy of the state generally.

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