The increments in tuition fees of Rufus Giwa polytechnic, Owo in 2018 has been observed to cause low rate of Students Admission in the institution.

Recall that during the 2017/2018 academic session, the school fees was increased with almost double standard of the previous tuition fees and this increment has caused higher percentage of new intakes to withdraw even after paying acxeptance fees of 30, 000 naira as they couldn’t cope, however, some still manage to forged ahead under the hardship of paying their school fees.

In this new academic session of 2018/2019, Rufus giwa polytechnic has recorded low turnout of admission.It was observed that they have completely loose high percentage in recruiting new students as it use to be, and this has not only affect the school but the economic of the community felt it.

Most landlords frown at the increments as most houses are left vacant, some of this house are now abode of lizards and rats.
The traders in the community said the increments also affected their sales as students are not patronizing them like before.

Credit: Temitope Okikiola Ajayi.
Editor in Chief (Rugipo Press Council)

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