WhatsApp Group can be the most annoying thing especially when you don’t know who added you to them and the discussion is not making any sense, this can be very very frustrating.

I know countless number of people who stopped using Whatsapp because they are unable to stop/restrict people people from adding them to senseless groups but with this new settings, such won’t happen again and you all can now use the App with rest of mind ?

See the Group settings screenshot below:-

NOTE:- In case you can’t find the update option to update WhatsApp on your App store, give it sometimes as they are currently rolling out the updates in batches.


1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, and go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy.

2. Tap on Groups, and select any of the option below that suits you best.

Below are the options:-

– Nobody (this will prevents anyone from adding you to a group).

– My Contacts (only your contacts can add you to a group).

– Anyone (Anyone can add you to a group without an invitation)

If you value your privacy, you should select either of the first two options.


This nonsense is very common in Nigeria as a stranger you don’t know will just add you to groups you know absolutely nothing about or know anyone in.

This settings can help you stay away from irrelevant conversations from your extended family, and those toxic friends from Secondary School or University you thought you’d finally left behind.


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