Rap Act, Fhezykuti was our latest guest on 9jainsider Tweet Chat and he discussed alot with us. He talked on his Kuti Origin, His Education, Family and Music and below is the full excerpt from the tweet chat. Enjoy.


9jainsider: Can we know you?

FhezyKuti: my name is Adebayo Favour Oluwatimileyin

9jainsider: Okay.. So, how come you Kuti on your stage name. Is it just a nick or something deep is attached?

FhezyKuti: Yeah it is not only a nickname something big is attached to it normally you can call me fhezhy but that kuti behind is what make it big

9jainsider: Okay.. That means you have blood relation with the famous Fela Kuti?

FhezyKuti: Yeah normally you can call me fhezhy but somethinf big is attached to it and that is kuti everybody know the popular and the legend afro singer fela kuti

9jainsider: Okay Cool. What state and town do you represent? And what year did you start doing music?

Fhezykuti: Am from Osun state but currently am ondo base but the love i gat for ondo make me represent ondo state anywhere i go

9jainsider: What can you say about Ondo State Music industry, has it been encouraging?

FhezyKuti: i once get motivated by a group called osmatv award where upcoming artiste are struggling to collect there award so i put my self together for me to take part in ondo state music industry

9jainsider: I know doing music isn’t easy, what has been motivating you?

Fhezykuti: Many things motivate me but there is one thing that motivate me most and that is my mum anytime i think about her i always feel motivated

9jainsider: When did you start doing Music?

FhezyKuti: I started my music career 10 years ago and i release my first track on 2012 but i lost my parent a week to the day i supposed collect my song from the producer

9jainsider: How about your education, Which School do you attend?

Fhezykuti: Owo Poly studying Mass Communication

9jainsider: Okay. Aside music, what else do you do?

Fhezykuti: Apart from music i have many acquisition skillz but im still a blogger and music promoter under #makesensegist.com

9jainsider: wow. How have you been able to manage your education, Music and blogging all together?

Fhezykuti: I put everything into God hands the author and the finisher of my battle sometimes i found it stressful but that is the only work i can do now i cant do something else

9jainsider: What is your plan for 2019, should your fans be expecting new single?

Fhezykuti: Yeah something big is coming im dropping a new project on this coming week featuring ondo state @hypemanriche produce by @pgeepro

9jainsider: Okay.. if you have the opportunity to choose any artiste from the mainstream for collabor5ation, who will you pick?

Fhezykuti: Hmm that will be
cause he his my mentor i love him very much follow by stargirl

9jainsider: Nice… Where do you see yourself in Next 5 years?

Fhezykuti: I put everything into God hand but i cant wait to hold
position in my next 5 years

9jainsider: That’s great. I really wish you the best. What advice do you have for upcoming artiste out there, especially those that are frustrated.

Fhezykuti: Hmmm wait for your time and you know what dont ever think you cant become important in society Because God can not waste his time to create nobody everything have his own time bro

9jainsider: Okay. I’m surely many will learn from that. Finally, leave a message for your fans.

Fhezykuti: Hey you i mean you gangan
Journey of a thousand miles begin with a step And every lame man gat a story to tell 
I @fhezhy have seen many shit yet i dont quit because i know where am heading to

9jainsider: Okay. Thanks for your time and I believe you’ll honoure us next time we call on you

Fhezykuti: It is my pleasure having interview with @9ja_insider hey this is the best site all over ondo state reach to them they have what you need

9jainsider: Thank You and Good Night

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We bid you welcome to another edition of #9jainsidertweetchat and we have young, talented rapper @fhezhy on board. He will be discussing more on his background (Fela Lineage), musical career and lots more. #MeetFhezykution9jainsider

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