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Tech critical to legal services, says Quicklaw

by Terrydicos

Online legal support firm Quicklaw Limited has stressed the importance of leveraging technology to simplify legal processes in the country.

It said navigating the Nigerian legal system could be quite intimidating for small business owners and individuals without the support of a lawyer. He added that the importance of legal support cannot be over emphasised as it helps to protect the business and individuals in the long run.

The firm noted that with the operational cost of running a business, it is presumed that having a lawyer on retainership is an unnecessary expense and as a result, legal services are only patronised when serious legal problems arise. Taking into consideration the current wave of technological innovation across various industries of the business climate, the legal industry has also acknowledged the effectiveness of technology in improving service delivery.

At the vanguard of this innovation is Quicklaw.ng by Quicklaw Limited designed to redefine and modernise the legal industry in the country.

QuickLaw Limited CEO, Sade Michael, said the online platform aims to change the perception of the Nigerian legal system with its value offering of easily accessible, fast and affordable services. Through the website, Quicklaw Limited fosters a community of increasingly legal-conscious individuals.

Michael said: β€œThis platform was founded with the focus of proactively helping people secure and protect the things they value. Now, Nigerians can easily access lawyers all over the country via a 24-hour chat line to obtain free legal advice and get answers to their queries. They will be able to manage their legal affairs much more conveniently and at affordable rates. In summary, Quicklaw Limited provides substantial value across a wide range of legal services, from registering a business, to creating contracts, to resolving property matters and much more.”



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