The yahoo yahoo syndrome is at its greatest peak in Nigeria, more like say in every 10 Nigerian youths, there are at least 2 of them involved in cybercrime.

The reason is not far-fetched, the government of the country has failed the youths in all ramifications and even yahooyahoo has reduced so many possible crimes in the nation even though it’s a crime on its own.

But again, there’s a wise saying that goes ‘whatever is wrong is definitely wrong even if everyone is doing it, and what is right is right even if no one is doing it.

There is no act that really justifies fraud, if it’s about the government, then why do we have people who are making it legitimately. So many yahoo boys have no reason why they started, we have seen people who have never suffered and many who came out from standard family but decided to join the bandwagon of illegality.

Needless to say, We all have at least one yahoo guy we roll with, that’s even if the one reading this is not a yahoo guy, but have you ever thought what might have become the aftermath effect of your victim after being duped.

More like conscience related issues, how would you feel if you are a victim of fraud. The way you feel is the way they feel. There’s no such a thing like you are revenging the crime on our forefathers, you look stupid saying that.

The fact that yahoo guys fear people scamming them speaks volume. They call it ‘ripping’ and they do not tolerate it no matter what, if people who scam fear ripping, then you should know how your action should hurt your victim.

We can end cyber crime and focus more on a very high paying legitimate business. Yahoo is not a thing to be proud of, its a sin and also a crime. REPENT!!!

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