A man apparently pulled a shocker when he sued his tenant for allegedly seducing him by walking around the house naked.

According to reports, the man identified as Oscar Sibanda from New Lobengula suburb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe claimed his tenant named Theresa Kumbota – was sexually provoking him with her impromptu striptease in the house.

In his suit for a peace order against Kumbota, Sibanda passionately prayed to the court to stop Kumbota from sexually abusing him with her eye-popping strip shows.

“For the past few months our tenant Theresa Kumbota who is residing at our family house has been emotionally and sexually abusing me. Many times she walks around the house naked or half naked saying if I want to be her Ben 10 or sleep with her I should say it.

“Her behaviour of walking around the house naked sexually provokes me. She is also physically abusing my sister and loudly shouts vulgar words aimed at provoking me.

“She has also threatened to make false rape allegations against me. This was after I served her with court papers for a peace order. As a result of her uncouth behaviour I am kindly appealing for a peace order to be granted against her so that I may live in peace at our house,” complained Sibanda.

He said Kumbota usually got abusive after she got drunk.

In response Kumbota refuted her landlord’s accusations saying he was the one who was in the habit of “spying” on her whenever she was in the bathroom.

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