Mr Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye, A political scientist and writer tackled the present Ekiti State Government on how it had allowed both GTB and Coca-Cola to creep back into Ekiti State economy after the previous government had sanctioned them on their inability to meet their basic social responsibility to the society and government.

Below is the full text  from Mr Adeleye’s facebook page:

“My good people of Ekiti State, good morning to you all.
Please let’s address a cogent issue that has to do with our corporate existence and sovereignty so that posterity can be kind to us.

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB), according to Ekiti State Government under the immediate past administration, owed the people of Ekiti State backlog of taxes running to 10 years, ditto, COCACOLA (Nigeria Bottling PLC).

The Two Organizations did not empirically deny the allegation slammed against them by the State Government.
Rather, these heavyweight corporations dared the state government, refused to pay as charged because, according to some sources, doing businesses in Ekiti State is not much profitable when compared to Lagos, Oyo, Kaduna, Abuja, Kano, PH and other cosmopolitan cities.
And contrary to popular belief, these organizations, Instead of paying their taxes and perform their Corporate Social Responsibilities, chose to play politics; left OUR STATE, tactically supported opposition to uproot the immediate past administration and the rest is history!!!
From direct and indirect observations, GTB and Coca-Cola felt they are in Ekiti State to do the People favour, therefore, they are not supposed to pay Taxes owed?

Today, we are told by the Incumbent Administration that GTB and COCA-COLA are back in Ekiti State to the admiration of the people.
It is Mission Accomplished!!!
Political Exigency Fulfilled by the the current administration?
However, the questions that the current Administration has failed to answer are:
1. Did GTB and Coca-Cola pay the taxes they owed Ekiti People before returning to the State?
2. Did they sign any memorandum of understanding on how they are going to pay?
3. Were the 10-year old taxes wiped off to please the yearnings of the emotion-ladden population and to fulfil electioneering campaign promises?

I am concerned because we must not surrender our sovereignty as a state to any corporate organization for political exigency because such will boomerang, sooner or later and history and posterity will not be happy with the propellers of such policy summersault!!!
Ire o.

-Maxwell Adeleye

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