A man has been arrested and charged for cutting off the head of his lover and stuffed it in a fridge. He has been charged with murder. The incident occurred on Friday.

South Africa’s Ekurhuleni Metro cops spokesman Wilfred Kgasago said: “An officer at Kempton Park on patrol in the Central Business District was alerted to a suspected dead body in one of the flats in West Street.”

The tip-off was apparently supplied by street kids.

“The Metro police officer, accompanied by three traffic wardens, went out to verify the information and was met with the grizzly sight of a body without a head lying across the bed.

Kgasago said the head was found in the refrigerator.

The gruesome discovery of the headless body was around midday at Flat 19 No 6 on West Street.

He said one of the offices could not gain entry into the flat as it was locked.

“Access was however gained through a neighbour’s flat door adjacent to No 6.

“Information about the boyfriend, who runs a food shop down the road from the flat, was followed up and the suspect was subsequently arrested.”

According to police, a neighbour and the street kids heard a commotion and screams the previous night and suspected something horribly wrong might have happened.

The 34-year-old man, who was often accompanied by his lover every morning to their shop, was seen walking out of the flat alone on Friday morning.

The suspect was detained at Kempton Park cop shop and charged with murder.

He’s expected to appear in the Kempton Park Magistrates Court soon, iharare reports.
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