The Nigerian police force on Saturday, April 27, 2019 raided several Night clubs in Federal Capital Territory and arrested about 70 women for clubbing and then tagged them as prostitutes.

Martin Obono, a lawyer and activist, first raised alarm over the arrest when he took to his Twitter account (@martobono) to reveal that some of the women were molested and assaulted with injuries in their private parts.

According to Obono, the joint task force that arrested some of these girls have been allegedly molesting and assaulting them. Some even showed the bruises and bleeding in their vaginas.

Although prostitution is illegal in the Nigerian capital, law enforcement officials have used it as an excuse to assault and harass women who go out at night in the city.

When the officials raid the night clubs, they hardly arrest any men, but arrest women they believe are ‘scantily dressed’ and accuse them of prostitution.

In a new development, investigations conducted human rights lawyer Dorothy Njemanze, reveals that the women arrested during the raid were asked to either pay the sum of 5000 naira or have sex with them before they can regain freedom.

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