Hispah Sharia Police, a volunteer religious militia force, enforcing Sharia law. The implementation of Islamic Sharia Law across the twelve northern states of Nigeria, centres upon Kano, the largest Muslim Husa city, under the feudal, political and economic rule of the Emir of Kano. Islamic Sharia Law is enforced by official state apparatus including military and police, Islamic schools and education, plus various volunteer Militia groups supported financially and politically by the Emir and other business and political bodies. Fanatical Islamic Sharia religious traditions are enforced by the Hispah Sharia police. Deliquancy is controlled by the Vigilantes volunteer Militia. Activities such as Animist Pagan Voodoo ceremonies, playing music, drinking and gambling, normally outlawed under Sharia law exist as many parts of the rural and urban areas are controlled by local Mafia, ghetto gangs and rural hunters. The fight for control is never ending between the Emir, government forces, the Mafia and independent militias and gangs. This is fueled by rising petrol costs, and that 70% of the population live below the poverty line. Kano, Kano State, Northern Nigeria, Africa

No fewer than 80 persons have been arrested in Kano for eating during the holy month of Ramadan

-However, those arrested are said to be only Muslims because non-Muslims are not bound by Islamic law

– Meanwhile, the 80 were admonished and released because they were first-time offenders The Sharia police, known as Hisbah, had briefly detained 80 persons arrested at different times across the city of Kano in the past couple of days for allegedly eating in public during the holy month of Ramadan. They were accused of eating rather than fasting from dawn to sunset as Muslims are required to do.

Speaking with the BBC, Hisbah spokesman in Kano state, Adamu Yahaya, said that all those arrested were Muslims and officers do not target non-Muslims because they are not bound by Islamic law. According to him, some of the arrested people said that they were eating because they did not personally sight the Ramadan crescent. He said others claimed that they are sick. Going further, Yahaya said the 80 were admonished and released because they were first-time offenders.

Meanwhile, it  had been reported that Nabahani Usman who is the commander-general of the Kano Hisbah said that his men will arrest adults caught eating in public during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. The Hisbah boss said those arrested will only be released when they can provide proof of illness via a medical report from a doctor that exempts such persons from fasting. Usman said even with the exemption letter, the person will be warned not to repeat such before being released.

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