former chairman of the Nigeria Football Association, Kojo Williams also spoke on the Super Eagles chances at the 2019 AFCON . Below was what he told our reporter: “The Nigerian team, the crop of players they have now is quite young players or the team for the future, it would be good for them to do well at the tournament but I am not expecting them to win the tournament, but it will be a good start for them. They should just go there and play their game and have a good feel of it and take it up from there. It will be a good start for them to prepare for the World Cup qualifiers and after that we can then think of winning the Nations Cup in the next tournament. That is the way I see it.

The other thing is, I don’t know why Rohr has decided to bring back some of the old players, if you want to build a new team, then build a new team. Bringing back a person like Mikel Obi, who is now very slow, I don’t know why, it is the decision of the coach so let him go ahead and do what he wants to do. The infusion of the old and the young would give them a blend that should give them an advantage. AFCON 2019: Sport analyst advises Super Eagles to utilise chances(Opens in a new browser tab) If you have an old one that is still on top of his game that is a different thing; but he is not on top of his game anymore, out of form sort of. If he was still in form he would be playing top level football. There should be no sentiments. So what are we saying? But reports from camp say he remains one of the best? That is what I have been saying about the standard of players in Nigeria, which has been very appalling. We don’t develop good players anymore because we have a terrible domestic league, our league is the most disgusting in the world. We are not reeling out good players because we have a very corrupt league, the referees are corrupt and the coaches are corrupt.

The administration itself has a lot to do. Basically that is where we are. We have a poor league. But the national team today is not a reflection of our league because the only player from the local league is one of the three goalkeepers If you have a national side that does not reflect your league is it a plus? That is what I am saying. You said if anybody expects the Eagles to win the Nations Cup is a joker? No I didn’t say that, What I said is that it is a team in progress You said that before the World Cup, and you are repeating almost the same words.? Who do you expect to win the AFCON in Egypt. When I look at Nigeria’s preparations and the friendly games they have played, I rate them below par. You have other teams like Egypt, Senegal who are really on top of their game.

They have been building for sometime and they have a chance of excelling . I am not saying the Super Eagles are not going to do well but I don’t expect them to win the tournament.

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