FidelisTruth AKA BegottenSon ,The One
JesusBaby under the Life Beyond Limits Entertainments dishes out to us a re-fix of one of his mentors hit song ,in the person of Cobhams Asuquo .
After a long while & anticipation LBL lead act surfaces with this re-fix of “OneHit” & it is a follow up to his last release “God is Enough”.

FidelisTruth still has a lot in stock for his fans as he releases this amazing jam to ask God for an Hit song & to also motivate every talented out there to aspire for difference with their gifts
Amazing finesse was displayed by this talented Gospel rapper & hip-hop singer . “OneHit Re-Fix” is that song you’ve been longing to hear. Mixed & Mastered by BBL ALAFIN. Enjoy.


Quotable Lyrics.

. Dear Lord help my destiny ,let someone invest in me
.Like Otedola, cause I wanna blow ohoh
.Oti pe lati SS1,Have been blessed with numerous song Lord
.Tha was many years ago ohohoh
.Eh I don dey pray baba ,I don dey tire ,Lord!
When will I ever be known

.Oya gimme me onehit song Lord, Lemme blow like olamide
.Give me onehit song Lord, pick me up like
Adekunle Gold
.Lord I wanna blow like wizzy ,David ,I hope you see me
.So gimme onehit song Lord ,lemme blow like olamide eheh

*I can’t imagine for long have been standing here
*Amma hustling ,Amma grinding to get trade Fair
*Amma rapper but the truth is Amma hustle hustle
*I dey pary say one day,I no get rinckeld muscle
*Amma tired of this level ,so bring me up *Dropping Lyrics ,dropping Tracks ,no sing along
*M never Goan Stop
*Till MTV Base on my song
*Able God ,pour rain, in my grain, let it rain
*I wanna put some endless joy in my
Mama’s eyes
*I wanna be a motivation & touch life’s
*Take away insufficiency from my entity
*Make me confident enough – Adios

“Humm humm
Eh eh eh Hun Hun
Yee Yee hea hea
Let it rain let it raiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ha
So gimme onehit eh
Give me one hit eheheh
Ohwu ohwu oh yeah
Eheheh yeh
Ohohoh eheh
Gimme onehit song Lord
Lemme blow like olamide
Lemme blow(x4)
Na one song I need oh (x5)
Gimme one hit song Lord
Lemme blow like olamide
BegottenSon, JesusBaby
Off this One✌️

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