A young man has face the wrath of popular Nigeria cross-dresser, Bobrisky after he bashed his new Range Rover, damaged his new iPhone 11 and then assaulted him.

According to Bobrisky, he was on his way to a meeting when the man bashed his new whip from behind.

DemiThaCreator™ ? on Twitter

Someone Bashed Bobrisky’s new Range Rover today. Baba face am Man to man??? https://t.co/k0wZ1H5xAK

However, instead of apologizing for his wrong doings the man in question decided to put law in his hand by assaulting the cross-dresser to the extent of slamming his new iPhone on the floor.

Bobrisky in a video promised to deal with him noting that he would spend two days in the police before he hears any plea.

However the man has apologized to Bobrisky for assaulting him

DemiThaCreator™ ? on Twitter

The guys has apologize. Bobrisky said she has accepted the apology but that the guy must sleep in cell. He also said that he must repair his phone and car. The guy is totally at fault and it’s well deserved. https://t.co/Hy3FPBAqub

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