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New Cross Dresser[Jay Boogie] Is attacked by Bobrisky….

by Zurich

Just as Nigerians are battling to contend with the country first known Cross dresser, Bobrisky and his headache and controversies, another has joined, identified as Anthony Daniels, who is also know as Jay Boogie.
What seems to be a major bone of contention regards the new discovery is his envious good look, which leaves one wondering why such a handsome guy should want to convert himself to a woman.
Well, life they say is built around choice, personal decision and taste, as long it doesn’t bother others nor contravanes the set down rules and regulations of the society.
Since the news of the new Bob in town broke out, Bobrisky himself has reacted, noting that the new version of himself will hustle till he possess bleeding toes, which means, it has not been any easy trade for the almighty Bob, talk more of the new Wanna be. See what Bob wrote below…
Now see more photos of the new Bob below…
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