When a woman declares she’s a difficult person to love, the first reaction is to have a second look at her. But really, a second look at budding Nollywood actress, Chineyen Ulaegbu, doesn’t reveal much other than she’s beautiful, smart, with a look of a person on a mission. Her mission is to conquer the movie industry, other than that there’s no trace of any meanness about her.

But she’s far from being a cold fish.  It’s always about me, me, me. That’s what they all say. I spend my time working hard to be independent, being financially stable, my brand, my carrier that I forgot how to entertain a man. So, they don’t last trying to convince me that they are the one. And I frankly don’t care,” she said, reacting to the question if she could date a fellow actor. “ I’ve not dated an actor. I’m a difficult person to love,” she had added. “I believe there’s a woman for every guy and a guy for every woman. You just have to find the right person who can understand what you do and also love you more for the career path you have chosen. But the girl from Enugu has nothing against falling in love.

In fact, she still adores the memory of her first love and wouldn’t mind reliving the experience again with the same person, or another if the person can fit the description of what she terms ‘the chosen one.’ “Yes I have fallen in love before, when I was a lot younger, it was teenage love. He taught me how to kiss and he never took advantage of my naivety even when he could have. It was selfless and unconditional. It was not about money or sex because we were both young. It felt good and genuine. I still miss him.

I got into school and left the north, he graduated and moved to the States. If we get reunited again, hopefully, he will be the one. Chinenyen Ulaegbu grew up in the north. She’s a graduate of banking and finance from IMT, Enugu. Her first movie role was a led character in an Igbo film titled ‘Onuma’. She has since featured in many others and presently hot in demand in the industry.

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