Home NEWS U.S. states seek $150bn in emergency federal coronavirus aid

U.S. states seek $150bn in emergency federal coronavirus aid

by Terrydicos

A group representing U.S. states on Friday asked lawmakers to provide them with at least 150 billion dollars in federal aid to address the coronavirus outbreak.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who are the chair and vice-chair of National Governors Association, said in a letter to lawmakers that giving states aid would allow them to address “unemployment.

And also minimising the economic impact of business closures, ensuring all students have access to education, meeting the child care and housing needs of residents, and “maintaining public transportation and social welfare programmes.


States also have asked Congress to increase the federal share of Medicaid costs. Numerous state and local transportation agencies are seeking emergency government assistance as ridership plummets and tens of millions of Americans work from home.

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