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Nigerian old school fashion.

by Terrydicos

Nigerian old school fashion. Check out these 10 old school fashion trends that wed love to see make a comeback right now in pictures. Mentioned below are examples of some of the african old school dressing in nigeria. General view of historic kano city 1950s 3.

These stunning photos show the big difference between those days and now. Independence building and lagos harbour 1974 2. This article is majorly going to talk about nigerian old school fashion so that you have a glimpse of what fashion was all about in the past.

Fashion has a habit of being cyclical and old trends often find their way back into modern closets. 49 old school outfits you wore that you would never put on your kids today a couple of weeks ago i posted about mazzy and harlows new back to school clothes from mini boden. Lets see your old school fashion pictures by ttgirl.

Lets see your really nice and funky old school picturesyou could cover the faces. When queen elizabeth met her people nigerians 1950s 4. But sometimes the trends of the glamorous past either dont appeal to todays fashionistas or simply take too long to come back.

It was such a funny and same time lucrative day as the customers who visited the bank cant but lol when they sighted some dressings. We present to you 40 old photos that will show you how times have changed in nigeria. Which are so adorable i cant imagine they will ever look back at old photos of themselves and think oh my god mom.

219am on mar 08 2009 hi everyone. Just like wine nigerias fashion keeps on getting better and better as time moves.

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