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Nigeria private sector partner to raise billions against coronavirus pandemic

by Terrydicos

Desperate times they say calls for desperate measures. As the coronavirus cases spike across the country, the Nigeria private sector, through CACOVID have pooled resources together to fight the menace alongside the Nigerian government. They disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

The initiative which is being led by top industry giants has a sole objective, which is to eradicate the spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria.   According to a statement released earlier by the group, it’s mission and objectives were born out of its collective desire to protect and preserve humanity and to fight the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria.

CACOVID will work to fight COVID-19 by raising public awareness, supporting healthcare professionals, institutions and governments, and by mobilizing private-sector leadership and resources. As part of these efforts, they will build fully-equipped medical tents as testing, isolation, treatment and training centres as well as recruit personnel who will tend to the sick.

These activities are in full swing to ensure the facilities are completed on time to meet the growing population needs. Also read: APC Govs laud Oshiomhole’s commitment to a prosperous Nigeria  The initiative is made up of different component parts which work together towards their given objective.

These include the funding committee which is responsible for funding and raising funds for the efforts, the technical committee which is responsible for intellectual leadership around testing issues, treatment protocols, isolation centres, amongst others and the Operational Committee which is responsible for project management, logistics and communication.

The looming devastation from the coronavirus pandemic can have a lot of adverse effects on our economic, social and psychological wellbeing. However, with collective efforts, we can combat this and restore our country to its former state. To play your part in the support of this worthy cause, please contact CACOVID via phone on 09045531044 or email


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