It is quite unfortunate I attend a Private university where we had nothing of such going on. But it was fun sneaking out of school to go visit my friend in the neighbouring public school, so as to have a wonderful time with him and his “wife”.

So my friend in the public university told me of how he caught his “wife”. According to him, it was a ritual for old male students to discard their previous girlfriends whom they have gotten tired of and scout for newly admitted “fishes”.

“I met her at the registration unit, and ever since she has been serving me well,” He said to me.

“Will you marry her?” I asked. He laughed so hard that I almost got embarrassed at the question. He explained how he was going to throw her away, after a period of time.

“So you are taking advantage of her?” I asked.

I think that was when I really got to know how the relationship went. In fact, it was a symbiotic relationship. Nobody was gaining, and everybody was losing alongside. It is called a symbiotic mode of nutrition in Biology.
While the guy was paying a major part of the house rent from his limited funds, buying all the foodstuff in the house, paying utility bills and so on; the lady was performing the wifely duties in the house and in the other room.

The bad news was that she was barely 19 years of age, and was already married illegally to a complete stranger. Guess what; they were already having marriage experience, but their academics, which was the primary aim of being in school suffered.

I don’t know what became of the both of them, but something tells me that it wouldn’t actually end well for the both of them simultaneously.

Congratulations to all those who recently got admitted to study in universities and polytechnics across the country, your journey just started. Majority of us already have weird fantasies that we need to bring to pass, but I am asking you to peddle down.

I don’t know much about other vices in school, but cohabiting with an opposite gender will tear your future apart faster than you’d ever have imagined. I am not saying it is bad, but have you done a SWOT analysis of it?

Even matured people are not finding it easy living together, so how do you think you can cope as two very young adults?
No matter how much you claim you love each other to co-habit, it won’t end well for both parties. Either one of the parties loses, or both of them lose. It is disheartening to see young people leave home in search of education, only to go and start playing the husband or wife role with another gender in school.

I know a guy who loved the girlfriend so much, that he went as far as writing assignments, exams, quizzes for her in exchange for sex and homely duties. While the guy had a spillover and graduated with a second class lower, the girl zoomed off in record time with a second class upper grade.

I am not asking you not to cohabit, but I am reminding you that the Job Market isn’t friendly for Graduates with already good results. I have seen graduates with First Class, Second Class upper, searching for jobs without headway. What would be the fate of those who come out with poor grades, school dropouts due to pregnancy, or even those rusticated?

He who the gods want to kill, they first make mad. And madness is being a wife or husband to a complete stranger.

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