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People Talk: FG plan to borrow $6.9bn to fight COVID-19

by Terrydicos

“The FG has received billions of voluntary donations from organisation, stakeholders, and individuals within and outside of the country. “Where have these funds been diverted to? Have they all been utilised? FG already has substantial debts. They should not accumulate debts now and later begin to run around after COVID-19 is gone.” -Idebi Faith, Fashion Stylist.

This is a big shame to the Nigerian economy. If  at almost 60 years of independence, Nigeria cannot generate internal revenue to sort out the challenges of  COVID-19, why then are we enlisted as part of the greatest countries in Africa? “I think it’s a bad idea going to borrow from international bodies but then, that’s the only likely means to tackle this pandemic,” -Tijani Olajide, Actor

The COVID-19 pandemic has unavoidably put a hold to the daily activities of Nigerians. If lending is the best way to get more funds to fight the pandemic, let it be done as soon as possible. “Many Nigerians are staying at home instead of searching for their daily bread and our economy is seriously threatened.” -Afolabi  Oluwadamilare, Artistic Director.

It’s very sad because our leaders are already owning so much right now and it will not help our economy to borrow that much especially because the virus has not gotten to the level where we need such exorbitant amount.

Government should make use of the funds they have gotten from individuals and organisations for the COVID-19 first before thinking of borrowing.” -Ajadi Joshua, Tutor “The amount they are seeking to borrow is just unjustifiable. What happened to all the donations they have received so far from people?

In my opinion I will say that even if we want to go for this loan, there should be accountability even though the loan fee is too much.” -Afolayan Abraham, Public Analyst. “One of the problems of this administration is accountability.

Why do we have to source for funds so quickly? What happened to the donations in billions by well-meaning Nigerians to combat the same pandemic?


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