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Ondo Government uncovers massive fraud and misconduct in the state civil service

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

More Employees of the Ondo state government will face prosecution following the uncovering of massive fraud uncovered, employment racketeering, fake credentials, stealing and illegal promotion in the Ondo State civil service.

An employee who is already in police custody sneaked his wife, a trader, into the employment of the Ondo State Government and placed her on level 14 even though she did attend any interview or resume to work. In another case, a staff of SUBEB was alledged to have pulled a sum of N104M into his pocket from public fund.

25 civil servants who were guilty of gross misconduct were last week handed over to the police for prosecution.

SSA to Governor Akeredolu on Special Duties, Doyin Adebowale, had told reporters that the 25 civil servants were accused of various offences including stealing millions of naira, employment racketeering and including fictitious names in the pay roll of the state government.

According to him, β€œWe are here because of certain suspects the Governor directed that we prosecute. In the civil service there has been this stealing going on undetected. They do it in several ways especially through staff list.

β€œWe have people that imputed fictitious figures into the payroll. When the new Head of Service got into office, he put in place certain reforms to make us know those in actual service.

β€œWe were able to discover that certain elements whose names appears on staff list were never employed. A particular man employed his wife and placed her on level 14. She never attended interview and she has been collecting salaries.

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