A Nigerian governor’s son has publicly threatened to gang rape the mother of a twitter user

Bello, Son of Kaduna governor, issued the threat on twitter. He sent the threat to the DM of a twitter user following an argument. See below:

The El Rufai family have since been receiving backlash from some high profile individuals and Nigeria twitter users as a whole

Umar Sa’ad Hassan 🇳🇬 on Twitter

El Rufai’s son is out here feeling like a goon.Sliding into dms and blocking without waiting for a reply then running off to shout they are in pains..Half the people’s moms he wants to rape have dicks taller than El Rufai..They will F the glasses out of twitter lecturer.

PDP Vanguard on Twitter

Hadiza El-Rufai is the chairperson of Kaduna Sexual Assault Task Force. TODAY, Hadiza took her Twitter handle and justified her Son threats to rapped someone’s Mum just for calling him Daddy’s son. No wonder, Kaduna recorded 665 Sexual assault cases last year. #PrayforKDGirls

#OurFavOnlineDoc 🛂 on Twitter

Bello El Rufai- the Governor’s son- threatened someone’s mother with rape openly on twitter. Hadiza El Rufai- the Governor’s wife- defended the threat as “fair” and implied it’s okay. If this was a sane country, That is the last time that family would ever hold a public office.

Young Otutu on Twitter

From: -Bashir ElRufai -Bello El rufai to -Nasir El-Rufai Seats a deep history of bigotry, tribalism & religious sentiment. A very troubled family of accidental public servants.

Anambra1stson’s new acct on Twitter

El rufai Bello is a Rapist! That’s it, that’s the tweet!

To the surprise of many, Bello mother Hadiza Isma El Rufai who is the chairlady of Kaduna state sexual assault task force defended her son despite in inhuman threat Bello made. See her tweet below:

A Northern group has called for the resignation of Hadiza from the task force she chair and necessary legal action to be taken.

Fa – ri – da on Twitter

Mr. Bello El-Rufai’s tweet and Mrs. El-Rufai’s response are both in horrible taste. The #NorthNormal campaign condemns this behavior and calls for the resignation of Mrs. El-Rufai as the chair of the kaduna state sexual assault task force. #ArewaMeToo https://t.co/SFV41wdaCV


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