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Top 10 things to do during Lockdown

by Terrydicos

Hey Readers,  I hope, everyone is  maintaining social distancing and also healthy. These are the top 10 things to do during quarantine or lockdown. Many of us are already in bad mood or feelings damn bored. Why not to have a brief on productivity and pass the time with these top 10 things during quarantine.


What are the top 10 things to do during Quarantine or Lockdown?

Dude, I know we don’t love to spend much time on Productivity but Lets learn Coding right?

No? okay 🙁

how about ethical hacking? No 🙁


OK, these are the top 10 things to do during lockdown and lists:

List of 10 activities to do during quarantine:

  1. Start a new hobby
  2. Build your body (Fitness workouts)
  3. Start coding (Fun to learn)
  4. Household works (Great exercise)
  5. Be socially active (Quora is love)
  6. Multiplayer games (List of games in play store)
  7. Start listening to Podcast (Our podcast too)
  8. Start a blog or content writing
  9. Scribbling or drawing or Arts
  10. Meditation (Calmness)

Coming to the points, be clear, you don’t need to do all of these my friend. Pick any 3 at first and do rest after completing your goals.


1. How to start a new hobby?

Dear friend, hobbies are hose things which will make your day better and yourself a better version. Hobby might include your daily personal learning too.

Like playing guitar, writing a blog, creating an art or drawing something 😀


how to start your hobby if you don’t have any?

My personal suggestion is, go back to the age where you had time and was having fun doing it, like playing cricket? Playing basketball? or something.

Make them as your goals and start achieving colors of your life.


2. Fitness workouts to do at home? (aka Build your body)

What workouts to do at home? I mean I’m never a gym person. Even most of us are working for corporate companies and never invested time in fitness right?

Here are few simple exercises, which will make us be in shape and reduce our fats. These workouts will reduce our tummy too.


3. Start coding (Seriously for upcoming IT job searching people)

Dear IT job applicant, you’ve a hell lot of time to invest now. All you need to do is, pick one best course and stick to it.

You don’t know which website is free or which is best paid website to learn coding? Dude our Quora is here. Quora is platform to search for all our questions.

Dear IT job applicant, you've a hell lot of time to invest now. All you need to do is, pick one best course and stick to it. You don't know which website is free or which is best paid website to learn coding? Dude our Quora is here. Quora is platform to search for all our questions.

4. House hold works:

We can clean up our room and water our plants, these might be small activities but doing them, will definitely make us feel happy.


5. Be socially active (No damn Instagram challenges)

Socially active means, be online, watch news feed but don’t comment or chat. No stalking Ex-profiles and mainly no sobbing after watching your Ex.


Dude socially active mean, you are online, watching positive news, posts and videos. Try grabbing interesting Netflix series to watch and movies too.


6. List of multiplayer games in Play store

I’ve been playing few games with my friends out of which Ludo is commonly known for Indians now but have you tried playing Uno which is not original game but a part of Plato app.

Try these games and the best out of all is Plato app. Which has almost 15+ games active in one gaming app.

Ludo king


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7. Start Listening to Podcast (Google Podcast app)

I know many of us listen to FM during driving, but have you tried Google podcast app, which is still in beta stage but have almost 100% best podcast series in it.

All we need to do is, grab headphones and listen. Listening to podcast will increase your knowledge and mainly your concentration. They are really helpful to make you be mindfulness and learn without having to watch your mobile.


 8. Start a blog or how to do content writing?

My friend, starting a blog is as easy as creating a gmail account with blogger. Any average web surfer can use blogger as its simple and no need to work on coding side as we do in WordPress

How to start a blog
How to start a blog?

You can start writing your journals, diary, or any stuff taking one thing as Niche. Don’t ask me you’re a noob and need help.

9. Scribbling

Wow! one of my friend does those artworks and really I felt like hidden talent of her. Damn why don’t we start working on them and you know what, I’ve started creating cartoons on Photoshop. Damn crazy and really loved scribbling on Photoshop too.


10. Meditation Meditation Meditation!

Dude, I was feelings alone, not able to divert my mind over something. Lack of mindfulness, lack of concentration.

Meditation is really helpful for above situations. It calms our mind and thoughts. Don’t know how to do meditation. Here is one tutorial for you


Dear readers, I know all the above stuffs are only for professionals, but stop making ticktok’s and start something productive in these lockdowns. Create memes, create wallpapers or any such stuff, they are really appreciated by others and you will love the art.


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