Good Day,

My Name is  Jonathan Melody

You’re probably interested in growing your wealth and becoming rich.

My happiest day as an online entrepreneur was not the day I made my first sale

It was the day I made my 6figure monthly salary in 1day



It felt so good and I repeated the strategy over and over again

Now I am paying myself higher than I ever thought of

I am going to share with you how I do it and what really works

And How i Make over $9 Miillion Naira per month as a Nigerian Doing E-commerce within a Month Working 3 To 4 Hours a Day.



If that sounds like you, then I recommend sitting back, relaxing,
and listening to this in-depth video, as it will help you understand more about the skills you need to develop to get rich .






#Smart360mediaAt5: Smart360media Signed Gbenga Adene, First Male Brand Ambassador

Smart360media a media, health and fashion firm had signed Gbenga Adene as the brand first male brand ambassador. The event which took place at Smart360Media HQ located at 41 Daemif Plaza Isolo Akure, Ondo...

ONDO STATE SOCIAL MEDIA DAY 2020 #OSMD2020 #BecauseOfSocialMedia – August 29

In 2018, we discussed SocialPRO, the whole idea was to help people position their businesses using social media among other things and that was the first edition of Ondo State Social Media Day held...

[MUSIC] Bizzy Mayana – Parole

BizzyMayana reality vibe to the world, this song was inspired by the present situation in the street, talking about how life is and what you can do to face it… Parole is another banger...

Essay Help Can Be Found Through Different Resources

There are a number of techniques to locate essay assistance. Utilizing the web, the library, or doing an internet search can be helpful. You should not be afraid to check out all of the...

Asian Mailorder Bride – It’s True You Can Get Married

Lots of people assume that just men are able to get into the world of Asian mailorder brides. They may not have thought of entering the kingdom of organizing their wedding, but Asian women...
Danosky - "Lockdown Lover"

[MUSIC] Danosky – “Lockdown Lover”

Young talented singer and rapper Danosky returns as he drops his first single of the year. The new single which is titled  "lockdown lover" is produced by snownoxx. The cool afro vibe filled with lyrical...
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